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So here goes my first attempt at beauty blogging. From one who admits to knowing very little about make-up, hair & other general girlie paraphernalia, this blogger will attempt to create a fresher take on beauty commentary. Fake eyelashes, hair-extensions and gross stick-on nails will not feature, for this I do not apologise. Instead, I'll explain my daily make-up routine, talking through the products I've discovered, had recommended and the ones I swear by. I won't be analysing ingredients or referring to the latest high-tech trends, but I will be entirely honest and attempt to wade through all that intimidating jargon and nonsense I seem to see so much of. Basically this is everyday beauty for the everyday girl.  Right, let us proceed and people, try not to judge my efforts too harshly.

Firstly let's start with what happens pre-make-up, (I'm tempted to do a separate post concerning my skin routine, but that's for a later date) post-shower I use Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, for Normal/Combination skin. My use of the Liz Earle products are a result of my extremely savvy mother, having devoutly used the Cleanse, Tone & Polish system for years, the need for expert skin-care is something that was drilled into me from a young age. 

After moisturising, I apply Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation (1), £31.00, in the shade 010. This is the lightest shade in the range and match's the extremely pale colour of my complexion perfectly. After using cheaper foundations, both liquid and mouse, I've found the majority of shades that are designed to suit my skin colouring, tend to be too white, covering my face in one shade, instead of adapting to suit the area. A friend recommended Dior, after I complained my make-up seemed to just slide from my face just hours after application. The Dior range is relatively expensive, yet the products seem to have excellent staying power and embody the ethos, a little goes a long way. Forever is a liquid-based foundation, which I apply with a make-up brush, working from the centre of my face, outwards. The consistency is the perfect variation of fluid, yet not too runny to leave my skin wet, the end result is a dewy, yet blemish-masking coverage, which I continue to be extremely impressed with. Once my foundation has been applied, I use Dior Diorskin Nude Hydrating Concealer (2), £20.50, in the shade Ivory. Dark circles and puffy eyes are a daily beauty grumble of mine, lack of sleep and stressful days seem to take the tole, so a good concealer is an absolute must. I apply the non-cakey, fresh formula using a small concealer brush to the skin under my eye, using small, dabbing strokes. I like Diorskin Nude because it adapts from masking dark circles to covering blemishes and blotchy skin, something very few other concealers seem to master. Again, as with the foundation, a little goes a long way, meaning after almost 2 months of daily use, the 10ml tube remains relatively full. Oh how I do love pocket-friendly beauty.

Moving on to bronzer. I use Accessorize Pearl Sands with Love Baked Bronzer (3), £6.00, in the shade Metallic Bronze. Now before any hasty preconceptions are formed relating to the quality of this very high-street bronzer, I would like to make this quick statement, it's blooming brilliant. As mentioned I have really pale skin and while I don't require a powder to darken my skin, I think a healthy glow is essential. I like the split colour option of the product, one side being a brown-based iridescent shade, the other a lighten, rose-coloured shade. I use a soft-hair bronzer brush to lightly cover my face and neck, then highlight my cheekbones using the rose side of the compact.

Post-bronzer, I use Bobbi Brown Blush (4), £18.00, in the shade Pale Pink. Using a rounded short-haired brush, I apply the blusher to the apples of my cheek, while donning the most attractive of faces, I've been told gives a natural, yet girlish look. I'm not sure about this, but I don't mind the end result. I like the warm shade of the product and it's ability to pull me from rather frazzled and in need of 40 winks, to energized and English Rose-esque. While I tend to re-fresh my make-up at lunch, my blush is pretty slip-resistant, meaning constant application isn't necessary, also meaning a compact I bought in 2011 is still going strong. Win, Win.

On to the eyes, something I once heard referred to as 'the nipples of the face' (queue odd laugh, remember I told you this was a fresher take on beauty commentary). Firstly I apply a pale, beige iridescent shade of eye-shadow from Dior 5 Couleurs Lift Eyeshadow Palette (7), £41.00, to inner and lid of my eye. I use my finger to smudge and manipulate the shadow, also highlighting the arch underneath my brow. Again, I'm not a fan of heavy eye make-up, so I really like the natural, minimal shades in the Lifting Rose compact. Next, I use No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil (8), £6.50, in Brown to line the inner-lids of my eyes. Having experimented with heavy black liners throughout my angst-ridden teens, I've found brown is most certainly my colour, perfect for defining, yet without the panda-eyes effect. I like the soft, smudge-able quality of the No7 Stay Perfect pencil and the resilient nature of it's staying power. Finally I recently discovered Dior New Look Multi-dimensional Mascara (10), £23.00, in Black, a gift from my lovely sister for Christmas. I also use MAC Haute & Naughty Lash (11), £17.50, in Black, which is a brilliant little mascara and extremely smudge-proof. Firstly, due to a super-clever rubber brush, Dior New look is amazing at separating and defining my lashes, without the heavy, clumpy look cheaper mascara's tend to have. I tend to apply several coats to both the top of lower lashes, building up layers until my lashes are long and distinctive. Since finding Dior New Look, I use MAC Haute & Naughty on a night when I want a more statement-worthy look. The brush splits into two, dividing into a large, volume-enhancing brush and a small, thin brush developed for the fiddly inner-lashes. Basically, I'm of the adamant belief investing in mascara is essential, as with heavy eye-liners, smudges of mascara residue is never a good look, something that almost goes hand-in-hand with cheaper products, so invest clever people, and buy Dior & MAC.

And finally, because honestly it feels like I have been writing for an age, demolishing the theory of my minimal approach to make-up, as minimal is surely defined in less than 100 words. Lips, because who can honestly abide crusty, un-smooch-worthy smackers. I like NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm (6), £2.50, in Big Apple Red, which has the most amazing apple scent and ruby shine. I tend to carry this little beauty treasure around in my pocket, applying quite frequently throughout the day, partly to hydrate and partly because I adore the glorious fruity scent. I like the glossy, yet moisturising consistency of the NYC product, which has all the colour of a lipstick but the easy-application of a balm. I also use Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter (5), £5.00, in Peach Parfait, which seems to be the elected rave-product of bloggers far and wide at the moment. Honestly I saw the impossibly pretty, Emma Stone, promoting the butters and felt a severe urge to purchase. Again I like the silky, balm-like consistency of the ColorBurst Lip Butters and the warm, dewy shades, which are shiny without being glittery, because honestly, who wants lips like a 70's glitter ball. So not retro cool.

Right, so that's my daily routine defined. What do we think? Was I innovative and super fresh? Or did I sound ridiculous and unworthy of my extremely costly university education? Let's pray not, because seriously my parents would freak. Peach out kidda's.


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  1. Awesome blog. Have you heard of La Bella Donna mineral make-up? Or Verabella Skin Therapy? The former makes awesome make-up that actually heals your skin and you can sleep in. The latter makes natural, delicious-smelling skincare products that actually work and don't leave a hole in your pocket. And no, I'm not a salesperson from either company! :D


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