Saturday, 1 December 2012


 The bell-adorned bag all Mulberry purchases are presented in. SO CHRISTMASSY & SPECIAL
Mulberry Mitzy Tote, Black Pebble

At approximately 1.35pm this afternoon I entered a shop, grabbed myself an inanimate object, threw my debit card at a charming sales assistant, then continued to loudly exclaim my amaze, shock and awe at the transaction I had found myself completing. Shortly after 1.35pm this afternoon I looked at my receipt (presented in a sumptuous matt brown envelope) and congratulated myself on a job well done.

Today I purchased a Mulberry Mitzy Tote in Black Pebble for the fair price of £379. First seen in the A/W 10 collection and priced accordingly, I instantly fell for the sleek lines, delicious pebbled skin and rich golden fittings. My dear friend and university companion Miss Burkey, scored the tan version from her lovely parents while we were in our second year at uni and admittedly I admired. Now we have matching totes I fully expect an invitation for a day of fun, food and undoubtedly cheese-y staged photographs on the cool streets of Manchester. Ya' listening Burkey?

Now let's talk semantics. My bag is a past season style, therefore not available in Mulberry stores and concessions. However from time to time one hears of such places of wonder, magic and intrigue, I am of course speaking about designer Outlet stores. Once the home of seasonal rejects, dreadful safe-styles and items too crazy even GAGA aint' buying. Now places well worth the mission (I call it a mission, because braving York in manic Saturday human traffic is no mean feat), the Mulberry Outlet store situated on York's charming Swinegate is a bag-lovers must. I mean it's just AMAZING, ASTOUNDING and BLOOMING BRILLIANT. Where else could you expect to find Alexa's, Bayswater's, Hobo's & Tillie's for up to 50% off? Seriously guys, places like these are few and far between and should be worshiped as pillars of fashion religion and state. Now run, run fast, bargains are to be had.

You'll find yourself plotting and planning journeys to the holy relic that is the York Mulberry Outlet, because ultimately fashion people like bargains. This is mainly because we spend our lives living on super-noddles and salad, to compensate for the outrageous purchases we impulsively charged to our (we shouldn't have it, but we do) credit card. Mark my words, fashion people seek bargains like they seek rare copies of Russian Vogue, also similar to the way they seek 4 rolls of sub-standard toilet paper for 99p. Just saying.

I recently heard this band while watching "Young Adult" (2011), a pretty uneventful comedy starring Charlize Theron. Let's skip the film review, because quite frankly it was pretty dire (apologies Charlize). Anyway here's "Teenage Fanclub" (1991) by The Concept. I quite like it, very 90's teenage-kicks stylee, undoubtedly uber nostalgic.

The Concept - Teenage Fanclub (1991)


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