Thursday, 29 November 2012


Denim shirt: Allsaints (similar Levi one) - Jersey dress: COS (similar here) - Boots: River Island (similar here) - Hat: Primark - Scarf: Allsaints, Menswear (here) - Bag: DKNY (similar here) - Watch: Folli Follie (here)

Something is detrimentally wrong with this blog... the fact that it's mainly devoid of self-indulgent, face-centered imagery? Nope. A shockingly sarcastic tone of voice? Well yes, but keep going. Zero posts in the fine month of November? You've got it buster!

Right kids, this sh*t's just not gonna fly, hence today's information-rich, super-update, "HERE'S JOHNNY" style blog post.

It's shockingly cold outside, specifically blooming arctic, establishing the requirement for woolly bobble hats, extra-large knickers (because tiny pieces of lace do nothing for frost-bite), and acres of knitted scarf. Yorkshire, land of the free, blessed and particularly frozen. However, positives of winter weather, greasy, fly-away hair can be concealed by chunky, Noddy-style hats, ghostly pale legs are masked by tights and rather-large lunches are never a problem when the world's largest knitted scarf is at hand. Also my reasoning a positively harsh winter requires some sturdy new boots, is ever present and acquiring. Check out these bad boys. Similar and in my opinion prettier than the Topshop Alvin Boots, I really like the pointed Cowboy-style shape and chunky cuban heel, also scored in the sale for a bargainous £53.95 (including P&P), who couldn't adore these Chloe-copies.

In other news my move to the York concession within Fenwicks (I'm a Floor Manger at Allsaints), is going well. The traveling is long and sometimes very irritating, I have to rise before the sun and my Starbucks addiction is becoming seriously bank-balance damaging. On the other hand, York is actually an extremely pretty city, which holds a striking resemblance to Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley and so is quite magical. Also I'm starting to get rather attached to the lovely people of Fenwicks, especially the residents of the delivery dock and the eternally-young Wallis ladies.

Cultural developments include my near-completion of the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, a testament of modern literature at it's finest. I have around twenty pages remaining, which I plan to savor. I challenge anyone not to be entirely gripped by the adventures of mathematical genius/woman of steel, Lisbeth Salander and the eternally tenacious investigative journalist, Mikael Blomkvist. I also caught MTV World Stage: The Black Keys live from New York on MTV Rocks, which was amazing and prompted a week of continual BK listening. I find Brothers is an album best suited to treadmill pursuits while El Camino can be enjoyed to it's full on public transport. Aside from the Keys, I've been listening to a lot of vintage Kanye, Jesse Ware, Frank Ocean, Bob Dylan & Little Comets. My delightful companion, TMozza also introduced me to the wonderful world of Kindness, who are well worth a listen. House is a stella track, check them out. On a more culturally-commercial note, I am eagerly awaiting the moment when my sister finally relents and agrees to accompany me to see Breaking Dawn part 2. Yes I am a 22 year old educated woman, and yes I am dying to watch Robert Patterson in all his vampiric-finest and Kristen Stewart attempt to portray any other emotional than awkward distance. My initial efforts at bribery have failed to bear fruit, however it's payday tomorrow and so I plan to up the ante. My sister is nothing if not shockingly-savvy.

Today's musical offering comes from Bob Dylan. Undoubtedly a figure of eternal cool, talent and modernity. I love how rock'n'roll this track is, a ridiculously satisfying concoction of heavy guitar rifts, superior song-writing and Dylan's gravely tones.

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (1965)