Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Michelle Dockery for Interview Magazine, shot by Boo George

God I just adore these shots of Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Crawley, aka actress Michelle Dockery for Interview Magazine. Terribly stylish and mod-chic, they are truly stunning, gorgeous images that conjure a sense of pulsing modernity, Liverpudlian heart and stark female beauty. I love the cool charcoal and blue tones against the fiery red brickwork and of course the drama and sheer retro-indulgence of the monochrome photography. Shot by Boo George, Dockery is the embodiment of pure British magnetism, cigarette in hand perching amongst terraced streets and industrial backgrounds, one does have to wonder does it get much better than this? I am quite in awe and consumed with fash-envy. How dare this woman rock a baker boy cap and not look like a complete tw*t. Also white button-down shirts, leather buckled kilts, beehives and lashings of eyeliner, GENIUS. Ladies and gentleman this is what is commonly referred to in the industry as 'comprehensively bewitching'. Congrats Dockery & Interview.


p.s. Check out the full interview here

Images: Boo George, Interview

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