Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Jumper: Limited Edition, M&S
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: New Look
Bag: Allsaints

Now this may be an early sign of new found maturity or fast-approaching heredity senility (my mother is the definition of 'off her rocker'), but I have recently discovered two very significant things. I enjoy researching, sourcing and creating baked delights (relatively normal) and also M&S is once again a pretty decent shopping destination. Now bear with me on that second statement, that wasn't a typo, I honestly think Marks & Spencer is a relevant and stylish establishment of cool apparel and accessories. Really, it's true. Now read on and hear my justification.

Take for example the delightful concoction of soft British wool in stripes of rose pink, washed black and chalk, that is my newly acquired M&S Limited Edition cropped jumper. Nice isn't it? With large weaves of knit, batwing-style sleeves that neatly taper in at the wrist and a loose, draper body finishing in a cropped jumper style, I consider this find a steal at 35 fine English pounds. Aside from the jumper I picked up on Sunday while shopping with the mother, I spotted several other noteworthy treasures I plan to grab in coming weeks, once the bank balance has been restored to a healthy state of being (well relatively healthy, all things considered).

Carrot cake with lemon and cream cheese frosting.

Onto a sweeter topic, while attempting to distract oneself from recent post-graduation developments, I decided to attempt to bake a low-fat carrot cake, surely a paradoxical concept, but a worthy task nonetheless. Here's the result. While I'll admit I invariably doubled the topping quantities, (I'm a stucker for lemon and cheese) I was quite true to the recipe, using Splenda sweetener instead of soft brown sugar, low-fat olive oil spread instead of my life-long love, Lurpak and walnuts and lemon juice opposed to oil, usually used to bind the cake mixture. Not bad for a first attempt. Mary Berry eat-your-heart-out.

Finally, it is my express desire to start including a track with each OOTD post, therefore securing the terribly cool musical relevance of my blog. Here's todays. Jessie Ware, what a goddess.

Jessie Ware - 110% (2012)



  1. Actually in love with the boots! soo cute.

  2. helloooo!
    i've just found your blog, and love it!
    it was probably the most easy instant follow i've ever done!
    i love this outfit and you seem so lovely. please pop over for a chat, i'd love to speak some more.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  3. cute jumper

    Lonndon Fashion Blogger Loves to collab and review!!

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