Thursday, 25 October 2012


Scarf: Allsaints Menswear (similar here) - Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Tee: Primark - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Brogue boots: Hobo, Allsaints (similar here) - Black leather Tote: Allsaints Menswear (similar here)

Let me firstly begin by apologising for these self-indulgent, rather crap OOTD pics. My sister wasn't about to play photographer and inspiration struck me while trying on some rather grim-ly fitting H&M skinnies. The bargainous £5 price-tag was obviously justifiable, damn my inquisitive, cheap nature.

Style-deconstructed, I was in a serious craze to wear my new Allsaints Lander scarf from the AW11 Menswear collection. It is the most amazing, chunky, snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug creation to grace Gods green earth. Originally priced at £75, but discounted to £36 in my Archive stores final reductions, not purchasing was NOT an viable option. Teamed with other Saints essentials that you guys have seen a million times, leather jacket, brogue boots, bag etc. I wonder what my wardrobe would resemble minus Allsaints? Probably a bit naff and not nearly as cool. Clocked my latest designer score? Yes my Marc Jacobs phone-case finally arrived and I'm smitten-as-a-kitten. I feel 'SO FASHION' when pulling it out mid-strut down Briggate, Leeds. Oh yes ladies, I did say strut. It's pretty much required behaviour when pounding the streets of Leeds, apparel questing on the mind.

Now I want to talk about GIRLS, the new US 'it-show' everyone's raving/bitching about. Pitched as the new SATC, but with size 14 thighs, wobbly tums, awkward sex and very-real social commentary. So after missing the UK premier, work commitment an' all that, I stayed up extra late last night (11.30pm, I'm a granny, this was almost dawn in my estimations) to check out what all the fuss was about. And honestly I wasn't that enamored with Lena Dunham (writer & star's) offerings.

Yeah it was ridiculously accurate, the uncomfortable sex with a boy who doesn't love or maybe even like you, the inability to secure paid, post-grad employment and a whole host of other "oh my god, that happened to me" moments. But, and here's my but, it wasn't particularly funny or even inspiring. I didn't laugh at Hannah (played by up-coming possible generational icon, Dunham) being rather embarrassingly taken (I want to say sh*gged, but does that sound, well a bit brash?) on her on/mostly-off boyfriend's sofa, I felt uncomfortable. While watching Jemima (a rather cliched boho Brit), celebrate the need not to abort her unwanted child, as she miscarried in a bar toilet in the arms of a random male, felt slightly offensive to my gender. And generally, spent 30 minutes wondering what the devil I was missing.

Maybe it's a grower. Call me naive, but I adored the unrealistic, airbrushed perfect glamour of SATC. The wash-board abs and slinky pins were gorgeous, inspiring and other-wordly. Yes, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda had problems but they were also hilarious, decadent and boldly cool. They made it seem possible that intelligence, style and success were reachable. Yes, obstacles arose along the way but these four woman had gumption and self-belief which always prevailed. I think the point I'm trying to make is, from the age of 11 I wanted to be Carrie and sometimes Samantha, whereas I have zero desire to be like Hannah and her very ordinary friends. Some dramas are cuttingly realistic and some entirely escapist, both valid, but when it comes to what I require after a hectic day from hell in the office, GIRLS doesn't seem to have the ability to hit the spot. Opinions? Seriously what do you guys think? TELL ME!?



  1. LOVE the scarf! been wanting one for ages that big.

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