Sunday, 14 October 2012


Music content has been somewhat lacking recently on FDK, something I find utterly unacceptable and in need of serious attention. Hence this comprehensive post detailing my recent musical musts. Prepare for the low-down kind folks.

Albums. So let's start with my latest downloads. I have a innate belief downloading singles and disregarding mere album tracks is hideously wrong. Hit singles are formulated to be just that, 'Hits'. Commercial easy-listens, developed to attach themselves to our sub-conscious. Meaning album tracks represent the experimental, innovative face of the artist. This is why they're so great. Adding flavour, identity and diversity, album tracks in my mind of the saviors of popular music. Example, Dust Bowl Dance taken from Mumford & Sons' debut album, Sign No More. A heavy, emotive, yet purely brilliant listen.

Rant satisfied, here's the compilations of September/October.

1: Mumford & Sons: Babel - quite frankly, utterly outstanding.
2: Frank Ocean: channel ORANGE - bloodly brilliant. You MUST catch 'Novacane'. SO GOOD.
3: The Vaccines: Come of Age - a grower.
4: Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True - Surely a boost to my cool rating?
5: HipHop Jamz: Various artists - Gangster tracks that make 5K runs at the gym bearable.
6: This is BBC Radio 6 Music: Various artists - Brimming with alternative 'album' tracks.

Tracks. Some old, some new. All fine beats in my humble opinion.

1. Lil Kim: Lighters up - just because, I'm not willing to justify, Lil Kim is cool. FACT.
2. Murray James: Protect Me - very Ben Howard-esque, pretty great.
3: Fabolous: You Be Killin Em (EP Version)
4: The Black Keys: The Go Getter
5: Metronomy: The Look - Standard.
6: The Strokes: Reptilia - An oldie, but a goodie.
7: Grouplove: Gold Coast - feel-good indie.

And finally...

A Real Hero - College, Electric Youth (Drive Soundtrack 2011)


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