Sunday, 7 October 2012


Well hello there distant, somehow familiar blogging community, it's be a while, I apologise, sh*ts been crazy. General Allsaints business, teamed with top-secret career related adventures and everyday business has left me somewhat engaged, and otherwise unable to fulfill blogging expectations, but kids I'm back and firing on all cylinders. I take the fact that I just demolished a 12" Americana pizza and lemon meringue cupcake, as further, almost essential fuel for action.

So, today, shopping, food and my'gurl. Amazing. We (myself and the cousin) escaped to retail heaven this fine Sunday, positively pillaging the shelves and rails of Leeds for slick, fashion-forward pieces, and here my lovelies are the treasures of this trip. I also stocked up on several woolly delights (hats, gloves etc) from Primark, along side some Jersey essentials and a variety of tights, I always seem to be low on tights! Is this a common annoyance? It certainly drives me insane, like stark-raving-mad. I also picked up some rather lovely baroque-style embellished cigarette pants from Primark, at £16, I was somewhat astounded, I mean £16 for chinos from PRIMARK? Really, flummoxed. But after getting over the ambitious pricing, I considered how much I would have to pay for something similar in Cos or Topshop, debate over, immediate purchase.

Right, essentials & bargains covered, now for the pricey treasures. First, Dior make-up. Now recently with work, social and gym, I seem to be looking slightly jaded and in need of 50 winks. Hence the investment in some rather posh cosmetics. DiorSkin Forever Fluid Foundation was a recommendation from a friend when I specified my requirements of ultimate coverage, like infallible, will-not-leave-my-face makeup. I also picked up DiorSkin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer to tackle those pesky dark circles. Beauty review, to follow.

Now, I know you've spotted the rather gorgeous nude and jet black, snake-skin effect Mary Jaynes. Yes they are mine and yes I am BESOTTED. From the ever-bountiful Zara shoe collection,  coming in at a cool £69.99, I see these shoes as a tangible representation of the polished professional I once hope to be. I mean, aren't they just amazing?

Apparel-wise, I wasn't very adventurous today. The words black-on-black spring to mind. Allsaints leather jacket & Chelsea boots. New Look neck-candy. Topshop ripped jeans & shirt and my conker Mulberry Bayswater. Simple.


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