Sunday, 16 September 2012


This is what one could call a menagerie post. The point of which, to acquaint you lovely people with the adventures of my weekend. It's been a positive world-wind. Sunshine, lashings on SoCo, tanning, lunching, jiving, followed by drunken stumbling, standard.

Let's begin, Friday commenced with a relaxed breakfast affair with the parents, poached eggs on toast, smoked salmon, freshly squeezed OJ, all terribly sophisticated and posh. After breakfast that spilled into lunch, I reserved to be out of the checked flannel pajamas and into a relatively summer-oriented ensemble, check out my previous post for a goosey gander. Moving into the evenings engagements, I found myself at our golf club for a family friends birthday party. I absolutely adore my parents group of friends, which in turn have birthed a gang of kids (myself and my sister included) who will forever be bound by a sense of our pretty blissful, and very free, shared youth. The golf club has witnessed countless celebrations over the years, which ultimately end with the hard spirits coming out around 12am and shots following, thick and fast. Dance-offs and group renditions of Brit-pop anthems are also firm favourites. On the style front, I wore my new H&M Trend mint green shift dress with a skater kick-flair trim and Allsaints Chelsea boots. My hair was the usual glossy, messiness and make-up pretty minimal. See collection of delightful party snaps.

Dress: H&M
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints

Saturday, my adorable Granny hosted myself and my two lovely cousins for lunch in the garden. It was gorgeously sunny and the legendary woman that is my cute-as-a-button, Grandma served up comfort food, Yorkshire Tea & chockies. Yum. After the Grannies, I met a friend for drinks on The Calls in Leeds, forced him to get  barnet chop (it was more than required) and generally spent the afternoon embracing day-time spirit consumption. I am truly taking the concept of being on my jollies to heart. This may however conclude with hard gym sessions to correct my naughtiness. I wore the PERFECT grey boy tee I picked up last week in H&M, tucked into my new ASOS Aztec printed silk skirt and trusty Allsaints Chelsea boots (god, I really need to step away from these bad boys, item over-kill). I love the potential of luxury basics and statement pieces to create laid-back, yet stylish looks. I will never been one of those pristine women, the embodiment of grooming excellence, but I might just been a bit cool, individual and style-savvy.
Boy tee: H&M
Aztec printed silk skirt: ASOS
Tote bag: Allsaints
Silver rings: Azendi

Knitted vest: New Look
Levi's cut-offs: Best Vintage
Belt: Vintage (stolen from the mother)
Pointed courts: Topshop

Saturday PM, partying with my pal Laura (she's actually my boss, yet also a good-time kindred spirit) in Leeds. We started at the Electric Press just off Millennium Square, it houses top Rev's, All Bar One and a champers hangout, it's pretty swanky and chic. R&B essentials, cold Vodka & SoCo, amazing. We danced, gossiped, drunk and I had my bottom grabbed on countless occasions, obviously the vintage Levi's shorts I rocked inspired something very odd in the men of Leeds last night, blooming perverts.Finally finding ourselves on Call Lane around 2am, we visited Fibre (camp as a row of tents), Norman's (as always), Brooklyn (ghetto-fabulous) and finally Neon Cactus (somehow always full of fit men). By 4.30, my feet were screaming blue murder, so we popped to Subway, (surely better than Mackie-D's?) and hauled a taxi home. Tucked up in bed by 5am, there is a possibility I am getting too old for this, bags under eyes, deathly palor to skin, fake-tan & Liz Earle STAT. So the apparel, as referenced I wore my vintage Levi's cut-off shorts (they are bottom revealers when combined with my energetic approach to dancing), a lovely vintage snake-skin tan belt, knitted neon vest and some rather provocative, black suede pointed courts.

This weekend was a hoot, although now I sit exhausted, flannel jim-jams on, watching Downton Abbey (YESSSS, it's back). Agenda for the following week, hit the gym hard, avoid deserts and alcohol, and attempt not to visit H&M, Harvey Nichols or Allsaints.

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