Sunday, 23 September 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints
Tee: Topshop
Jeans: Petrel Brodies, Allsaints
Leopard-print loafers: Ebay
Choker neck-cuff: Primark
Rings: Topshop

Shots from yesterday's adventures with former FMP & out-and-out epic-girl Lauren Theo. If asked to name one single factor that contributed to my pretty-killer degree, it would be the unending support and sheer determination of Theo. 16 hour days in the library, 4 hours sleep, the desire to murder print-assistants at Staples, this girl was by my side through it all, making the experience just about bearable. She is what would be traditionally referred to as a 'good' friend, a modern day Samaritan in skinnies. Since our graduation we've been separated by approximately 300 miles of motorway (myself in Leeds and Theo in Milton Keynes), but as a major catch-up was required and my holiday was coming to end, Saturday, 22nd September 2012 was named as D-day (the D standing for date, of course).

We ate (twice), drank, shopped and gossiped. Kyle, Theo's fella even tagged along, we discussed the finer points of retail store design while wondering round Topshop. I moaned on about the failings of narrow stock-rooms while Kyle tore holes into Arcadia's choice of shoddy fixture materials (harsh, poor Mr Green). Apparently Primark have recently invested in an impressive array of premium pieces of store furniture for the main flagship branches, Leeds is yet to receive such treatment (typical).

 The two L's

 A cocktail named, The Bob Marley, GENIUS

Standard Norman's fair

And on to the ensemble, as the snazzy Leopard print loafers had arrived by the time I returned from Harrogate (don't ya know - I can't help it, I apologise), I felt an almost magnetic need to don and adventure. I found them on ebay for the bargainous price of £14.99, a dramatic difference from the identical Office ones, coming in at a cool £50. While I doubt they''ll become my most comfiest item of footwear, the black tassels are beyond cute, the shape pleasing and the graphic print rather nice. As you can see yesterday wasn't a day for outfit innovation, Petrel Brodies (Allsaints) were a must, as was my favourite grey boy-tee (Topshop), completed with my studded (Allsaints) leather jacket. I also wore a neck-cuff I found in the Primark sale, although I doubt it will see the light of day again too soon, as the heavy metal frame caused some pretty unsightly bruisers to my chest. Attractive.



  1. LOVE the jacket! Gorgeous. your shoes are so cute.


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