Monday, 17 September 2012


Dress: COS
Triangle pendent: H&M
Watch: Folli Follie
Leather bracelet: Pandora
Rings: Topshop
Dock Street Market, Leeds

Lunch and an extremely speedy catch-up with A.Whiting, a man I take great pleasure in continually teasing using the ever-irritant age card. He's actually yet to reach 30, but I enjoy referring to his approaching OAP status nonetheless. Apparently throwing in the occasional "gurl" and "shizzle" confirms ones social-relevance and position as "down with the kids". I'm doubtful on this count. 

Originally planning to frequent Pin Bar, our plans we somewhat derailed when on arrival the lights were off and no-one was home. Dock Street Market was 5 meters down the road, so we high-tailed it back towards Granary Wharf and grabbed a table. On sitting down, Whiting broke a chair, confirmation of his ticking biological clock, limbs having a mind of their own. Nightmare. Let's hope he pays little attention to this blog, I'm not sure he would appreciate my sentiments to his age in print. Lunch was stacked CLT (remove the Bacon from BLT and add Chicken) toasted sandwiches and Gerkin & Pate topped slices of granary toast. Very trendy and pretty tasty. 

I've been dying for an occasion to wear my new COS printed shift dress, it's not skin-flashing enough for night-time adventures but possibly too dressy for day-time errands, hence city-lunching, the perfect opportunity. I adore the graphic charcoal and misty-grey print, it's a sort of digitalised animal style design, quite reminiscent of some gorgeous prints Matthew Williamson did a few years ago. The fabric is a heavy cotton which lends itself to the Flamenco-style sleeves and bell-shape body. I think this is an illustration of the quality of COS pieces, cheaper brands wouldn't use such heavy cottons and would therefore loose the striking, stiff shape that makes this dress so special. A die-hard advocate of COS, yeah you could say that. Accessorised with a simple gold pendent necklace and the usual Topshop rings. As it was quite nippy outside I also grabbed my tapestry & stud adorned Allsaints leather Owain jacket. Finishing the look with black Allsaints Chelsea boots and a rather battered Allsaints tote bag. 


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