Saturday, 15 September 2012


Boucle wool jacket: H&M
White vest: H&M
Tropical print trousers: Primark
Tote bag: Allsaints
Ballet pumps: Office

I'm now on my jollies, cue epic celebration and continuous rounds of applause. Nine blissful days of outfit planning, lunching with friends, night-time adventures, chilling with the fam and generally kicking back. I'm so excited. I'm desperate to get some denim-shorts clad days in prior to the October downpours and frosty winter months, so fingers crossed the weather gods see fit to grace us with some decent days before I have to return to the day-job.

This is yesterdays look, my trusty Boucle wool H&M jacket, the ever humble, yet essential white vest, a pair of rather fruity tropical printed PJ-style pants, black ballet pumps and my favourite Allsaints studded tote bag. These trousers are ridiculously comfy, bordering on nightwear-comfortable. My only complaint could be their tendency to grow loose with wear and the need to hike them up every 10 minuets or so, aside from that I think they're pretty darn fancy and fun summer piece. Roll on the next 9 days of fashion frolicking. 


p.s keep your eyes peeled for my LFW commentary. 


  1. Love the jacket! almost bought it the last day. might go back and get it.

  2. Thank you lovely, it's such an essential piece :)


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