Monday, 10 September 2012


Blouse: H&M
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints
Rings: Topshop
Triangle pendent: H&M

Accidentally stumbled into H&M after my horridly exhausting gym session this morning, needless to say the Trend department sale took a particular bashing, I canny help myself when it comes to luxury, tailored basics. I LOVE H&M trend, it's the sophisticated, minimal side of the brand, very Swedish and very simple. Honestly it's quite similar to Cos (the brands are owned by the same parent company, so this makes sense), although Trend does tend to be it's slightly cheaper, shirts are around £30 to £40 with dresses ranging from £50 to £60. I don't really shop within the Divided and denim departments of H&M, I find Divided very trendy and immature and the H&M denim seems to be developed around 6ft 2 Amazonian-types with legs like telephone poles, my legs are more like bread-sticks. Colours are somewhat muted and natural in the Trend department and fabrics are noticeably more premium and quality. Basically a pretty cool destination for timeless, minimal pieces that don't cost the earth. FYI if you're checking the collection out, Trend pieces have pale pink labels with white branding. 

Alongside this mocha (I say mocha but I think it's more of a mink/coral blend) blouse, I scored a mint, drop-waist skater dress (see pic), the PERFECT grey marl v-neck boy-tee and a chiffon white paneled shirt with Mandarin collar. Each piece was half price and were things I saw and admired on my last visit to Manchester, plus as part of my bid to stop purchasing trend-led fast-fashion, I think they're pretty classic, wardrobe essentials. Currently planning ensembles and excursions as we speak (blog). I'm visiting Whitby with my gorgeous cuz Em, on Friday and am thinking the mint skater dress my plus Allsaints cowgirl-style ankle boots equals a cracking, summer look. Keep ya' eyes pealed for the post.



  1. Great outfit! Checking the others I must say I really like your style!

    I've found your blog in a forum's topic on IFB and I really like it! so I've followed you!

    check out mine ;)


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