Saturday, 22 September 2012


 Coat: Alpha, Allsaints
Jeans: Topshop
Blouse: Primark
Boots: Hessian, Allsaints

Jenna H (isn't she a cutie and so stylish, LOVE the neck-candy)

Somewhat delayed post of Thursday's adventures. Apologies, I've been visiting the fam in Harrogate (don't ya know *something I feel the need to utter every time I refer to that terribly posh corner of Yorkshire), coincidentally, the post documenting those adventures will directly follow this one.

So Thursday, Manchester, an attempt at securing a job in PR/marketing/branding. I accompanied my good friend and former university tutor, Jenna, to Manchester to attend a PR and marketing talk, then recruitment fair organised by The Manchester Fashion Network. The Network is a brilliant concept and excellent advertisement for the flourishing creative industries up north. As well as networking events and recruitment workshops, MFN also plays host to a variety of industry speakers sharing pearls of business and promotional wisdom, on a monthly basis. In May, I met Disney Roller Girl, aka Navaz Batliwalla, who gave a superb talk on blogging and the rise of social media. Thursday's talk centered around PR and marketing, designed to give an insight into the practices and structure of the industry. The seminar was hosted by Helen of Echo PR and Emma from Harvey Nichols and I found it interesting and insightful. By a spin of fate, I ended up chatting with Helen and mentioned that I was a manager at Allsaints, enter invitation to a pretty sick collection launch party at the newly opened Spinningfields store, and before we knew it we were sipping Mango & Passion Fruit Kopparberg Cider and listening to Eugene McGuiness and eyeing up Tim Burgess pre-set. It 
was amazing.

Apparel-wise, it was beyond chilly, hence the need for my new Allsaints Ink wool over-coat. Styled with Topshop black skinnies, a navy lace shirt & my ever faithful Allsaints Chelsea boots. Winter seems to have firmly hit, forget a mild autumn, I can whole-heartily predict an icy November, snowy December and wet January. Mark my words, tights are here to stay and fine-wool gloves a must. 

Eugene McGuiness, former set-musician with Miles Kane, was ridiculously good! Prior to the gig, I was vaguely acquainted with his set, post-gig I'm pretty obsessed. Album downloaded, Spotify-ied star-ed, I think I may have a new idol. Also thread-wise, his style was the definition of slick. I suspect he was appareled in the autumn/winter 2012-13 collection, fine merino roll-neck knit, sharp charcoal chino's and shiny winkle-pickers. Pretty darn dapper. Set-wise, the music was brilliant, envision cool indie with a slick 1960's vibe. Check out the shots I snapped from my near-touching-distance spot stage left, intimate invite-only gigs are the best!


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  1. your coat is fab!! Love it. The bag is amazing too,
    well jealous.


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