Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Dress: Cos
Boots: Ranch Low Cowboy, Allsaints
Rings: Miss Selfridge
Triangle pendent: H&M
Green stone pendent: Vintage

I LOVE my new racing green Cos dress, I think it's uber chic. Accessorised with a mix of vintage and modern jewellery and my newly repaired very old, but very lovely Allsaints cowboy ankle boots. Simple.

Now let's discuss Cos, because I'm pretty much mad on this amazingly cool and super stylish, Swedish brand. For me Cos is the epitome of simple, uncomplicated, beautiful design. Androgynous, tailored and undeniably cool, I like Cos A LOT. The design ethos of the brand is typically Swedish, styles are formed from simple, clean lines and striking, quality textures. Heavy, fussy detailing is avoided, as are trend-led shapes or designs. I see Cos as the understated, yet undeniably cool kid of fashion. You want blatant, screaming expressions of style? Then the likelihood is Cos just isn't for you. However if you favour classic yet contemporary style, minimal, mature and eternally chic, read on.

Cos A/W 12-13

One of my super stylish besties, the gorgeous Jennifer, was the first to discover Cos while we were living in London, interning during a gap year from uni. Now those that know Jennifer can understand this, she is what one would call, a rather cool customer. I think I once referred to her as the modern female embodiment of Jim Morrison when writing a press release for a project we were working on in final year, personally I think it's a pretty spot on deduction. Anyway I digress, so Jennifer came home with bags brimming of this super cool apparel, introducing myself and Danielle (fellow London resident & BFF) to the wonderful world of Cos, the rest they say is history. Possibly a dramatic description, a less fluffy explanation would be I began investing and became a roaring fan. For me I like the timeless  and minimal nature of Cos pieces, I've grown out of religiously following faddy trends, I have simple, uncomplicated tastes and Cos seems to illustrate this style ethos with every collection. You simply must check their collections out! They have several stores down south, less so up north (unfortunately), they are however in Selfridges in Manchester and available online.


Image: Cos


  1. Great simple dress and boots, tres chic x

  2. I LOVE this dress on you.I couldn't pull this off, but it looks PERFECT on you, and the necklace is really interesting as well.


  3. I love the dress, I'm diggin the deep green tone.

  4. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really kind of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x

  5. COS is my favourite brand at the minute (if not of all time). If I could dress in their clothes all day everyday I totally would :) Great post!



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