Saturday, 1 September 2012


As continually referenced I get a little bit excited by vintage rock'n'rollers, Robert Smith, Ian Curtis and Bowie, yes I love them all lots. The music, the style, the earth-shattering thunderstorm of innovation and cult-devotion, this is what icons are made of. Many artists hold sway and gather followers, however only true icons remain relevant and influential decades after their creative inception, Bowie is such a character.

Ever since Labyrinth and Footloose, I have loved Mr Bowie. Then I heard him sing and 'Oh my word', my world tipped upside down. The dreary, terribly English voice, visionary, other-worldly lyrics and cool, punky guitar rifts. Yes it was love at first listen. Four decades on the man remains the icon of British cool, married to a super and still rocking as hard as ever, David Bowie is the sort of man legends are built on.

Now here's some goss, yet to be confirmed, fresh off the net... DAVID BOWIE ON EXHIBIT AT THE V&M LONDON. Yes, you read that right, Ziggy himself (or more accurately, his costumes) will sit in state at London's most established (and prettiest) gallery, the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum London. Details are pretty sketchy, as we wait for confirmation from the V&A regarding dates and magnitude of the exhibition, but I for one can conclude I WILL be visiting, on no doubt MORE than one occasion. I am so FREAKIN' excited. To wet your lovely appetites, here's some fabulously stylish photography of the man himself to get you in the mood.


Images: Google.

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