Sunday, 23 September 2012


Allsaints Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign Film

So I've discussed the entirely epic Allsaints Autumn/Winter 12 collection before. Firstly because it's the definition of modern, British fashion, fact, secondly I work for the terribly cool institution that is Allsaints and so have a devout loyalty to the brand and thirdly, and probably most significantly the Autumn/Winter collection marks a rebirth for the savvy design house, something I feel is essential to discuss.

As an ardent admirer then loyal employee, innovation is something I strongly associate with Allsaints. At work we're told that innovation and individuality is the key to growth and success, it's a personal and ambitious line to take. From the directors to the part-time sales staff, we're committed and inspired, working for Allsaints isn't just an occupation, it's an affiliation. Simply put, we love everything our brand stands for. We're hungry, bold, original and tenacious, and yes we are very British. That drive and audacity is ingrained in everything we do as a brand, seen the Basement Sessions? Cool, edgy and sodden with talent. Met our staff? Visually stunning, innovative and creatively-enthused. Owner of a piece or two? Consummately the finest articles of British industry. 

Now I'll get down from my soap box, as I'm sure you guys have been convinced of my allegiance, and get back to the case in hand. Presenting the campaign video celebrating the Autumn/Winter 12 collection. Firstly, have you seen it? If not, kindly scroll you mouse back up to the top of the page and view 2 minutes of ice-cool fashion ferocity. Done? Excellent, now to discuss. The campaign video, which will hit cinema screens shortly, follows 11 powerhouses of creative innovation and identity. Featuring a model, artist, violinist, Dazed & Confused editor, ballerina, film director, poet, musical duo and master entertainer, the film documents the terribly cool journeys of these beacons of British style, congregating in a final scene positively bursting with attractiveness and charisma. Decked out in the gorgeous Autumn/Winter 12 collection, the film makes a bold, unswerving statement of originality, modernity and vibrant identity.

Check it out.


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