Saturday, 4 August 2012


Today has been horridly hectic yet challenging & rewarding. I was drafted in to run one of the city centre stores (I'm a manager at a fairly quiet archive store) and it was manic. It seemed every man and his dog required a slice of the Allsaints pie today in Leeds, which is never a bad thing in business, yet pushed myself and my team pretty hard. It was amazing though. I love the fast-paced environment of a busy store, the interaction and physical aspect means time completely flies and call me bias but I think Allsaints is such a savvy employer of cool, interesting people that make the store teams amazing to work within.

I must of had a subconscious image of the days events when I dressed this morning, as my new sneaks, boy tee, lilac skinnies & denim shirt were the perfect ensemble to face the challenges of the day. I haven't featured these skinnies on my blog before, one because they're quite tight and only come out when I'm feeling extra svelte and two because I spilt oil down the front on holiday this year and the mark is still pretty visible. Anyway I brought them out of retirement this morning and was quite happy with the resulting look. They're Petrol Brodies, a skinny jean style from Allsaints, that features shiny, waxed cotton and ankle zips. The colour is a gorgeous shade of pale blue/lilac and looks amazing teamed with base colours such black, white & grey and the waxed nature of the fabric gives them a cool leather-look. Sneaks, boy tee and high-tops as featured before.

I used the new Matrix hair oil when blow-drying my hair last night and I'm extremely happy with the result. I used a pea sized amount of the oil, applying to the mid-length and tip sections of my hair (FYI it's important to avoid the roots). Then I tousle dried, scrunching the hair with my hands as I used the mid setting of the hairdryer. I really like the dishevelled curls my hair takes on when rough-dried, I think it's such a summery look, plus I LOVE it takes around 15 mins to complete. Amazing. My hair is all about the shine, so I use VO5 Nourish Me Truly shampoo and conditioner. These products are actually amazing, I'm always really conscious of the damage heat styling can do but with this routine my hair is glossy and strong. The scent is gorgeous as well, really fresh and floral.

Keep your eyes pealed for some more fashion-journo style posts I have planned for the coming weeks. I have like a backlog of things I want to talk about, as I'm desperately waiting for my Internet to get fixed so I can return to blogging the traditional way, on my laptop. iPhone blogging is super clever and really quick but it takes away editing options that I use to stamp my personal style on the blog. So stay tuned folks.

Denim shirt: Ban, Allsaints
Tee: Nemesis, Allsaints
Jeans: Petrol Brodie, Allsaints
High-tops: Pony-high top, Allsaints
Rings: Miss Selfridge
Bag, watch & bracelet as before


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