Friday, 3 August 2012


Bank balance severely abused. Today I shopped like a mad woman, then made the mistake of checking my bank balance on the bus home. Epic fail.

However, newly found purchases considered, guilt is not something I feel. Instead an overwhelming desire to fix some dates and hit the town in my new gear.

Today's agenda, locate and purchase the essential black skinnies, cool high-waisted denim cut-offs & a proper hip-sized belt, as I seem to only own tiny waist types. As predicted I was somewhat distracted along the way, scoring a gorgeous embellished clutch and lemon blouse from Zara, alongside my original desired purchases (obviously).

So let's discuss what I got. A rather cracking pair of vintage Levi's 501 shorts in charcoal, the only acceptable apparel to team with cool band tee's and net tights. Another pair of denim shorts, this time from Primark (yeh I know, shocking, they're amazing), distressed, high-waisted and the perfect fit. AND THEY WERE A TENNER!

As aforementioned I seem to be entirely lacking in the hip belt department and so I bought in bulk, prepared for every eventuality. How glam is the gold panelled one, I'm thinking black cigarette pants & a sheer black shirt teamed with polka-straight hair. Über chic. Further tan, studded, black & green options were bought for good measure.

The black skinnies I settled on are from Topshop. They're from the Jamie range and have a cropped leg length, perfect to rock with ballet pumps & gladiator sandals. Honestly I think Topshop are the kings of stylish, well-cut denim. I am yet to find a pair that fit me as well as any from Toppers. I love the super-skinny, high-waisted nature of the Jamie styles, perfect for short, twiggy ones like me.

And now to Zara. A slight diversion from my planned shopping route, but I saw sale banners and felt the familiar gravitational pull. I just adore the Aztec design embellished clutch I bagged, the bargain of the century at £9.99 down from £40! CANNOT wait to fill with night essentials (namely lip-gloss, sample-sized bottles of 212 & my Canon digital camera) and hit the tiles with the girles. I also treated myself to a lemon blouse with cute shoulder cuffs, such an easy, yet chic wardrobe essential. It's made of a heavy, quilted cotton so the shape is really sharp and architectural.

Home from my shopping adventures I finally visited the hairdressers and had a much-needed chop. My stylist used a new oil on my hair pre-blown-dry and the shine once completed was insane. It's called Exquisite Oil and it's made by US salon brand Matrix. I've used their shampoos & conditioners for a while now, a suggestion from my stylist, and love them to death, so I thought I would give the oil a try. I'm excited to test-drive it myself, fingers crossed I can duplicate the glossy, sleek do I left the salon rocking.

By George, I'm exhausted from all this purchasing activity, for the sake of my 22 year old body (and bank balance), I may have to call it a day for this month. August pay-cheque I have plans for you already *cue evil laugh.



  1. Very nice purchases! Love the shorts.


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