Friday, 10 August 2012


Music is a huge part of my existence. I grew up listening to the likes of The Smiths, The Jam and Van Morrison, my father believed in education from an early age and an appreciation for the finer points of Brit-rock. Growing up I dwelled in old record shops and was happiest when sat contently tapping away to my parents hi-fi system. These early memories of music genius were something that moulded the listener I am today, Jay Z and Kanye are undoubtedly kings of cool but give me Robert Smith and Ian Curtis any day and I'll be happy.

So when I spotted these rather dapper ads on the glossy pages of this months edition of GQ I got a little bit excited. Paul Welled you say? With Miles Kane? Sounds epic.

Shot by David Clinch as part of the AW12-13 campaign for sharp menswear appareller, John Varvatos, the images depict the musicians in nostalgic downtown New York posing as silver tonged pawn-brokers and general jack-the-lads. I LOVE these shots, they ooze a cool retro style, presenting Weller and Kane as swaggering kings of modish style. I really like the clever casting of an icon of music (Weller) and an up-coming indie kid (Kane), the father and son characters are stylish references to the musicians legacies.

For me fashion and music are undoubtedly linked, they have the power when combined to spawn cult followings, forming visual armies of a moment, belief or background. I hold a special place in my heart for Mod style, possibly another relic of my up-bringing (the father was once a cool mod riding around on his scooter), modernist style remains a firm fixture in minds of Brit and international designers alike. Sharp tailoring, natty accessories and bottle-green standard-issue parka coats. Icons of stylish cool. Paul Weller defines the Brit mod, mastering the role from the inception of his illustrious career, staying visually strong decades on. This in my view, makes him THE candidate for fronting the John Varvatos AW 12-13 campaign. As previously referenced, Miles Kane is also a favourite of mine (I've even dedicated a post to him, check it out), I continue to be impressed by this young (he's obviously older than me) man.

Amazing campaign, beyond cool models. You are welcome.


Images: John Varvatos

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