Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Dress: River Island
Shoes: Rustic Boots, Allsaints
Clutch Bag: Zara
Chain & Rings: Topshop

I feel the need to specify a content definition before continuing this post. Leeds (my stomping ground) is home to a variety of scenes and night-time destinations, we have student hang-outs around Headingley and the top end of town, the financial play-ground of Greek Street, lower Briggate, home of the gay quarter and much camp fun and finally Call Lane, when the trendy young-proff's play. I probably go out on Call Lane at least once a week, it's a particular haunt of the Allsaints gang, we're extremely well know for our drinking prowess and impressive social skills. I like the relaxed, yet stylish vibe of Call Lane, everyone is familiar and super friendly, the food is great (ALWAYS HEAD TO NORMAN'S), the cocktails (Mook 2-4-1) even better and music always appropriately trendy (Jake's Bar, where Blondie is on repeat). As wet as this sounds it feels like home and I'm nothing if not sentimental. Last night this was our destination, and here's the look I rocked.

I wore the printed River Island dip-hem tee dress I referenced in Sunday's post, I couldn't get the monochrome floral printed one I originally wanted so the mother went and picked up the leopard print one on her lunch yesterday and surprised me at work, she's a doll. I think I actually prefer this one anyway, the print is a gorgeous mix of purples, greys and faded blacks. As Call Lane is pretty cas(ual), I teamed the dress with my nude Allsaints Rustic Boots, perfect for dancing and generally being energetically merry without the crippled by 2am scenario. Honestly I haven't been wearing these boots as much as I really should have since scoring them on my S/S 12 uniform, which is a shame because the leather is gorgeously soft and perfectly distressed. Note to self: wear more.
Accessories wise, I grabbed my new beaded Zara clutch, which I LOVE, it's so trendy and ethnic, although I do worry one day I'll damage the beading in the middle of some epic dance-move, but such is life and style comes above sensibility. Finished with a mix of Topshop rings, enamel, gold and pearly stones and a simple cross chain. I never really was one to champion the "let's wear all of our wardrobe at once" look, minimal is more me, simple, smart and laid-back.

I write this with the mother of all hang-overs, currently sat in the back of a taxi on the way to remove the last of my belongings from my final student house. It's gonna get totes emosh, deets in my next post.



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