Thursday, 2 August 2012


I think party-wear/night-apparel is quite the quandary for the fashion person. I feel like as we move into the PM the rules of dressing transform, we move from cool and trendy to sexy and mysterious, quantities I will NEVER possess. Is it immature to think evening requires a tad more flesh, bigger hair and lashings of mascara? I do hope not as this is a belief that nurtured me through my first forays into night adventures.

But suddenly the goal-posts have changed. I turned 22 last month, I'm comfortable in skin and I know who I am. I've lost my need to wear the highest heels, don the slinkiest dress and generally embody unattainable sex-on-legs. Yes I want to party but if I fancy pairing denim cut-offs with a vest and gladiator flats I bloody will. Do not mis-understand me dressing-up and going-all-out is utterly fabulous, but after a particularly trying day at work I might just want to grab a Cosmo in ballet pumps & indigo skinnies, and that's fine as well.

Hence this look I wore for drinks on Call Lane with the Allsaints gang on Tuesday night. Funnily enough my caged gladiator sandals & cut-offs were the perfect ensemble for bobbing away to Chris Brown & Jay Z, such bounce in the soles really aided my killer moves. I think the contrasting colours and textures really make this look, to me it screams hazy summer days, festival adventures and nostalgic sunset forays. This outfit was fun and wearable and made me feel pretty amazing. Cue huge grin.

Boucle Wool Jacket: H&M
Shorts: Allsaints
Knitted Vest: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Belt: Vintage circa 1980 (stolen from the mother)
Sandals: H&M

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  1. Stunning outfit! love the jacket.


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