Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Rock'n'roll and all things cool.

Vintage indie music is a particular passion of mine. Combined with the snappy brand of fashion it inspires, edgy, iconic and provocative, fashion and music sit hand-in-hand in an arena of creative innovation.

Today the weather was rather grim, deterring me from my original style choices of boucle wool shorts and a crisp white shirt. It's time like these when I reach for a pair of Topshop skinnies and one of my many luxury basics. Sprinkled with some jazzy neck-candy and blood-red lips, here's today's ensemble.

Now here's where I get all Art-Attack-excited and talk about my DIY rock tee creation. I found the Robert Smith t-shirt transfer on eBay, grabbed a plain white boy-tee, hacked off the sleeves and brought out the iron. It was ├╝ber simple, although I think it's wise to mention that these kind of transfers don't wash very well and can become slightly cracked and tatty through wear, however I think this adds to the cool vintage look. My necklace is quite an old Primark special, at the time it was a copy of some D&G jewels I was particularly enamoured with. I love the chunkyness and weight behind the piece, the rich golds, ivories and jet blacks are gorgeously decadent. My Topshop Jamie jeans in washed indigo and vintage lace-up booties complete the look.

Band tee: My own production
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Vintage
Necklace: Primark
Watch & bracelets as before


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