Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Top: Zara
Jeans: Jamie, Topshop
Boots: Allsaints
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Folli Follie
Leather bracelets: Pandora & H&M

By some odd swing of luck, today was gloriously sunny with a gorgeous cooling breeze. It did not rain or snow (this has been known to happen in Yorkshire), hail or shower, or even blow a gust. When coupled with the fact it was my mid-week day-off and I had plans to kick it with my ultimate BFF, my sister, Bethany, Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 had potential to be a cracking day.

We (the Innes daughters, or Chalk and Cheese as our friends call us) hit Leeds for some light retail adventuring followed by what can only be described as a feast of a late-afternoon-lunching. I love shopping with my sister because she is actually devoid of snobbery, she has absolutely no qualms about delving into the Primark sale-rail or journeying into the depths of the market to discover the best costume jeweller in the city. To put it simply, she just ain't arsed. This is an admirable quality, one I wish I embraced more. Unfortunately I'm a slight fashion-snob, I like my shops size-ordered and minimal, clean and un-cluttered. Places like TK Maxx are actual hell to me, I fail to see the positive in mountains of previous season clobber, that incidentally the brand couldn't shift and so has been sold on at a knock-down price to a fashion flea market. Apologies to those who I may offend, this is just how I am. I need shopping to be stress-free and calming and if it's not, then quite frankly I'm heading for the nearest mode of public transport and getting my arse home. Holla. So back to the initial reasoning behind the above pros, my sister is what one may refer to as a bargain hunter/gatherer. And when I said I need some new gym apparel, she knew exactly where to take me... Yeah, she took me to Sports Direct and I f*cking hated it. I did however score some really cool running gear at a fraction of the original price, however I'm still weighing up the saving against the years it took of my life attempting to navigate that car-boot sale of a sports shop. Maybe I am a snob. Oh dear.

Post sporting-goods-hell we went to The Slug and Lettuce for late lunch, sweet potato salad, a enormousness mezze platter and two pecan and caramel tarts. I remain stuffed 6 hours later. It was amazing though and the perfect setting to have a good natter and generally enjoy each others company. My sister's a complete babe and my best friend. We may be ridiculously different in appearance, ambition, mentality etc but we're essential identical in most ways. Plus we have the same rocking mother and papa, basically meaning we're a pair of cool cats. 



  1. Love the outfit! Yellow is a gorgeous colour on you.


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