Thursday, 16 August 2012


 Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Allsaints
Rings & Chain: H&M & Topshop

Slightly delayed as I originally envisioned publishing this post last night but was somewhat way-layed with an impromptu trip to the golden's (grandparents). We walked in the door and were met by the sweet scent of grannies cooking, it would take a better woman than me to say no to my grannies Yorkshire puds and winter stew, plus she had a freshly baked cream cake for afters. AMAZING.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Back to the purpose of the post. My look from yesterday, donned to move the last of my belongings from my old university house. In reflection it possibly wasn't the best attire for what did become a a day of cleaning, lifting and generally immersing oneself in labour. Scrubbing the oven in a printed silk shirt was possibly misguided, as were the functionality of my tiny denim cut-offs. The shirt is a new find from the Trend department of H&M, how Prada is the gorgeous 1970's inspired print? So retro-cool. Shorts as seen in a previous shopping post, a steal from Primark at just £10, paired with a vintage tan plaited leather belt, a mix of H&M jewellery and Allsaints Rustic ankle boots. Standard summer apparel.

Once all cleaned and cleared I handed my keys back over to me lovely landlady, Jeanne. It was strange saying goodbye to the rooms that have witnessed such crucial points of my final year at university, far too many all-nighters, desperate calls home, break-downs and celebrations and of course epic drunken merriment. Handing over my keys definitely felt like the end of that part of my life, it was strange. When I went to university I was 18 and now I'm a graduate at 22. Very odd. At the risk of bordering on mushy sentiment, yesterday felt like the end of an extremely colourful and enlightening chapter. Something I'm possibly hesitant to give up. Being a graduate is cracking but I sometimes wonder if it feels rather demanding and something laced with pressure. I'm confident I know where I'm going and have the belief I'm capable of reaching my goals but sometimes apprehension can play havoc with aspiration. However I do wonder if maybe it's a double-edged sword, apprehension is after all the perfect cure to arrogance and pride. Holy SH*T I just got very philosophical and you guys thought you were simply checking out a standard style post. Apologies folks :)



  1. Looove the shirt, what nailpolish have you on? love the colour.

  2. Gorgeous outfit I adore the shirt, and your boots are fab!


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