Thursday, 2 August 2012


I'll admit it, I can deny it no longer. I am a child of the autumn/winter (technically I'm a child of July, but let's not get caught up on semantics). Layers, rich wool blends, biker boots & long knitted scarves, yes I do enjoy a spot of winter fashion. Summer is cracking, boho dishevelled curls, bare legs & denim cut-offs, these are all excellent components of summer style, yet winter will always have my heart. I love the cozy, layered look of my winter wardrobe. The sharp tailoring of my outerwear, against skinny leather skinnies, completed with a pair of perfectly worn biker boots, shinny silver zips as standard.

With the aforementioned statement in mind it will not shock readers to know I have begun my A/W 12 season already. The victim of a terrible summer and penchant for shock showers, West Yorkshire has been far from sunny as of late, and so I reacted in the way any self-respecting style-savvy/winter-loving person would do. Splurged on a gorgeous new winter coat. By George it's beautiful.

May I present the Allsaints Alpha coat, an inky delight of military tailoring, British wool & horned buttons. Darted, arranged and moulded into the most beautiful, premium quality trench-style coat. I am evidently extremely happy with this find. But do not misunderstand, this is not a new find, I have in fact been converting the Alpha coat for many a moon, but lacked the financial means to commit. The arrival of my first grown-up pay-packet however changed things and put into motion a rather excited and somewhat indulgent spree of spending. I am a firm believer of investing in premium outerwear pieces. They are after all the things you wear day after day and definitely the hardest working pieces in ones wardrobe. So invest, push the boat out, spurge away, you'll thank me come snow-bound December & Icy January.

Paired with Allsaints cropped skinnies, a pair of spectacularly high Allsaints platformed Chelsea boots and my prized petrol green Burberry clutch. Simple, minimal & chic. This is how I wish to spend the coming dreary months. Snug as a bug in a rug, embodying cool Brit style. Just call me Cara and I'll kick back with Eddie (Burberry in-fashion joke HAHA).

Coat: Alpha, Allsaints
Jeans: Cropped Serre Ashbys, Allsaints
Boots: Anat Chelsea, Allsaints
Bag: Burberry circa 1980

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