Friday, 17 August 2012


Army Jacket: Primark
Dress: Primark
Boots: Clarks
Wrist band: H&M
Chain & pendant: Vintage
Ring: Topshop
Watch as before

Today was what one might call uneventful. Apart from nursing my sister through a particularly spectacular hangover and hanging some cool baroque-style picture frames in my newly decorated bedroom, I didn't do much. I had envisioned a brisk shopping foray then lunch on the Calls (hence the city-chic ensemble), however procrastination seemed infection today in the parental nest and so myself, the sibling and papa spent the majority of the afternoon chilling, drinking tea and watching excellent British cinema.

Submarine is a film I had been meaning to check out for ages, the words 'Alex Turner' and 'Original Soundtrack' caught me instantly hook-line-and-sinker. However the DVD was purchased and somewhat mislaid/forgotten, I unearthed it during the moving process and kept it handy for when the appropriate moment arrived. Hence today's cinema afternoon. Now I'll admit I'm what one might call a film buff, I just LOVE movies, which means I'm no stranger to the more obscure side of cinema and fully willing to appreciate a films more odder qualities. This could be applied to Submarine. I think people would consider it slow going, but that tempo provided the perfect foundation for the intelligent, sharp humour that continued to be quietly introduced to the viewer. Genius moments of hilarity were frequent, appearing from nowhere, understated and completely amazing. It was truly laugh-out-loud funny, even my cynical teenage sister was howling. A testament of a brilliant script indeed. If you haven't seen it, seriously what the hell are you doing? Go buy a copy, like NOW.


Images: Submarine (2010)


  1. ooh that dress is gorge!

  2. That dress is fabulous and love the jacket - can't believe it's Primark!

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