Sunday, 5 August 2012


I cannot tell you the eagerness that I have felt about posting about the AW 12-13 Allsaints collection. I had planned to talk about the BLOOMING amazing new collection weeks ago but the images were all saved on my laptop and then the Internet went and died a sad death. ANYWAY, let's skip to the gushing about the clothes.

Yes they are beautiful, yes I am beyond excited and yes I thank god everyday for my uniform allowance and killer discount. The AW 12-13 collection is premium, wearable elegance at it's finest. It marks a new direction for the brand adopting a more high-end, mature signature style with a string focus on clean lines and luxury materials.

I have loved Allsaints since I was a skinny 18 year old nervously attending a job interview only to be faced by two of the coolest kids I had ever seen. Pixie cuts, dapper threads & tattoos galore. Fast forward nearly 4 years and I've climbed the ladder to management. It's amazing and I consider myself pretty lucky. My initial admiration turned into a love and respect for one of the most innovative and instinctive fashion brands around today. Allsaints is all about attitude and originality, but a mature, clean sense of attitude. The clothes are beautiful without being overpowering or ostentatious, they are simply cool. Fact.

The AW 12-13 collection is fine cottons, silks and cashmere's. Digital graphic prints and soft buttery leathers. It's off-duty model, born rockstar and underground it-girl. Waxed skinnies paired with chain-mail style lurex knits and heavy buckled biker boots. Draped silk mini-dresses with quilted wonders of charcoal and oxblood Nappa leather morphed into the most beautiful biker jacket. Heavy graphic prints in bold, decadent tones of purple, maroon and gold... I CANNOT wait to invest! Check out the stunning campaign, I have extreme body envy of the beauty with long tousled chestnut locks. I trust you'll agree?


Images: Allsaints

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