Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As referred to in today's earlier post, I spent part of Sunday indulging in a light session of retail therapy. Light sadly being the operative word, end of month bank balances, far from healthy.

Initially a trip to replenish dwindling beauty supplies, I was soon drawn from my quest in the direction of New Look's accessory department. Fo' show a white girl problem, I could hardly be expected to resist and refrain from purchasing. I'm in fashion, it's what we do. I bagged a blooming gorgeous golden spiked & jewelled necklace, a pair of extremely 80's triangle-shaped studs and yet another piece of neon apparel, in my defence I've wanted this vest for ages and it was £5 in the sale, frankly I feared offending Mr New Look by not buying.

Finally the purpose of my foray into town, replenishing the ol'war paint. After completely murdering my Soap & Glory 'Kick Ass' concealer, I was in dire need of a replacement. I've been using the amazing Soap & Glory products for a while now and have become some what addicted. Aside from the ridiculously glam & retro packaging (which looks lovely at the bottom of my tote), the products are actually beauty genius. I swear by the light weight foundation and aforementioned concealer, plus after picking up the 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lipgloss on Sunday, which I love already, I'm pretty much a confirmed S&G connoisseur.

All in all, a rather productive shopping adventure. Congrats to me.


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