Friday, 27 July 2012


A haircut is needed immediately. Well to be honest a hair cut was required monthly ago, however I've been accidentally-on-purposely forgetful. My bug-bear with the hairdressers, I always leave minus 5 more inch of hair than I originally requested.

Now it's all well and good stating the obvious that my stylist is simply doing her job, removing as much as is required. BUT I cannot tell you the disappointment that ensues every time I reach home and survey the damage. Heart-break, sheer, tortuous heart-break.

Now allow me to present the context of these tribulations, since I was around 18 I've had a series of extremely short hair-cuts (or as my dear papa used to say "boy-cuts"), it started with a dramatic Twiggy-style chop the week before university and got progressively shorter from there. Namely for the reason, once you hair is short there's really no other option but to go shorter.
Next came the years of Posh's pixie crop, apparently a style that emphasised my cheekbones and dainty chin, but left my head extremely cold in winter. Moving swiftly into the Allsaints years, where I decided to under-cut the right side of my head in a storm of teenage rebellion and punk fashion. Admittedly I adored this style, it was 12 months prior to everyone woman and her dog rocking the look, therefore I aptly revelled in my fashion foresight. This however proved a tricky one to move forward from, after trying a shorter (and somewhat closer shave) I knew professional advice was needed. The product, a sharp Louise Brooks 1920's bob. The perfect accompaniment for my move to London, an air of savvy young-professional became a constant fixture. And so it turned out the bob was the perfect grow-your-hair-longer style, straight or waved with a centre parting, it always looked cool and stylish and gradually grew longer.

Back to present day, my hair hasn't really changed since the long bob. Except for becoming progressively longer, the loose curls and centre parting remain the same. So here's my quandary, my hair is in dire need of a refresh, which I'll happily provide, but the question is, should I relight my fire for experimentation and try a new style? I'm undecided. I'm tempted to try a chunky fringe but they always seem like such epic effort, a greasy split fringe is never a good look and sometimes hard to avoid. I think I'll definitely keep my length, I love the variety and options long hair gives you. One day a high, messy pony the next long, dishevelled curls. Plus for those days when going to bed wasn't an option post-partying, chic top knots are complete lifesavers.

So off I pop to the mop-dressers, watch out for post-trim update post, I'm praying I leave with more hair on my head than on the salon floor. Fingers crossed!


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