Saturday, 28 July 2012


Currently sat in the lovely Harrogate kitchen of my dear auntie, surrounded by a hive of activity as the fam prepare for my cousins 21st birthday celebrations this evening. Vats of homemade chunky vegetable bolognaise and thick tomato and onion sauce are boiling away in preparation for tonight, I have a teacup of Yorkshire tea in hand and ASOS magazine in front of me. Life is good indeed.

As payday is fast approaching I see no other option but to sit back and plan my purchasing for the next month. I love the glossy, high-fashion quality of ASOS mag, and the clothes aren't too bad either. Seriously though, ASOS is such an amazing institution. The style possibilities and avenues are limitless, from the cool designers labels to the premium house collections. ASOS is undoubtedly the high-priestess of online fashion shops. This month's mag presents a ridiculously cool Rita Ora taking to the cover, decked out in trendy, ghetto finery. This lady is literally cool personified, London-proud and fiercely original, Rita Ora rocks.

Here's a few examples of the distinctive imagery and style qudos ASOS do so well. Plus the pieces I simply must have over the coming month. Enjoy.


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