Friday, 27 July 2012


Androgynous, I term fashion people like to band around every other season or so. At it's most basic definition, it means taking inspiration from typically masculine or non-female forms of style to create a modern and simple form of women's dressing. Brogues, buttoned-up Oxford shirts, GI army jackets, all example of the androgynous look.

Androgyny is something I treasure, as readers will know I live in boy tees, beatnik leather jackets & biker boots. I love the contradiction and clash of style that occurs when a pretty girl teams sleek masculine tailoring with huge glossy hair, perfect nails and this seasons 'it' bag. It's style GOLD.

On this track, I present this evenings look. Denim button-down collared shirt, striped jumper, skinnies, leather jacket & Bayswater. Pretty darn dapper I say.


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