Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A fashion media dissertation - 31 days until deadline.

With a fast approaching Case Study deadline, I am becoming increasingly concerned, who knew 10,000 words would actually require intense study and research. After initially completing a 2000 word rationale, I vacated for Christmas,abandoning all educational activity for the advantages of all-day drinking, much shopping, the watching of festive movies and arguing with the mother.

Shortly after the haze of New Years cleared I became conscious of the lack of dissertation progress, spurring me into action, this surge of activity (lasting approximately 65 minutes) was short lived but planted the seed of motivation. Now returned to university and with just 31 days to pull together possibly the most important text of my academic career, it has finally dawned on me, I need to get my arse in gear.

Today I took the bull by the horns (not literally, that would be unwise as I have zero experience with animal handling) and visited the university library. Hair perfectly curled and suitably apparelled (avoidance techniques, I am good at these), I managed around 123 minutes in the company of my fellow students (who strangely seemed to be holding a competition of whom could pull together the ugliest ensemble, you, yes you in the petrol green puffa gilet, you win). Needless to say I retreated to the safety of my over-priced flat and tackled the media issues of the day - The Power of the media, the phone-hacking scandal and the Leveson Inquiry. I am now fully versed in the vices of the former News of the World, what Lord Justice Leveson hopes to achieve and how Prince William was followed to a private knee appointment.
Thrilling stuff.

In other un-related news I bought a BaByliss Curling Wand today, I'm hoping it will aid me in my search of Sienna Miller worthy dishevelled curls. Initial performance reports are excellent, my hair is gigantic, which pleases the shiny Plastic within me.

Tasks for tomorrow: Continue investigating the power of the media and acquire a further 1500 words for somewhere, this is in no way an admittance of plagiarism. All work is my own, I hope.


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