Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A fashion media dissertation - 30 days until deadline.

Today I became slightly obsessed with Andy Coulson. Not a man I would usually spend hours contemplating, but Coulson-mania has me hook-line-and-sinker. While I fully accept I have my quirks (some people call them anti-social tendencies, those people are fools), dedicating 9 hours to a man without style, taste or possibly integrity is something even beyond the likes of me.

Andy Coulson is the former editor of the News of the World and David Cameron's Director of Communications, having resigned from both roles under the phone-hacking controversy he invariably became the bad boy of the British media, taking a large proportion of the blame for the whole sordid affair. Something I agree with? Undecided, however I do have to wonder how one of News International's brightest young editors could be unaware of illegal practices at a publication under his control. But transparency isn't something we can take for granted from our media and I highly doubt we will ever know what really happened at the News of the World and who really was calling the shots.

I'm getting completely stuck in with "The Free Press" chapter of my dissertation and by George it sounds pretty darn intelligent. It is however starting to resemble a media dissertation rather than a fashion piece, something I really should discuss with my tutor... when I work up the courage.

Tasks for tomorrow: Complete my current chapter, somehow linking the phone-hacking scandal to fashion, may the force be with me.

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