Friday, 13 January 2012

A fashion media dissertation - 28 days until deadline.

I woke up this morning with the 'Friday feeling', that 'Friday feeling' induced me to spend approximately 2 hours getting ready, a task normally completed in 60 mins flat. Although extremely satisfied with my super-shiny 1940's-inspired curls, I feel my day was somewhat boycotted by the excitement of the 'Friday feeling' quite early on. Followed by an hour of Gilmore Girls (IT WAS THE LAST EPISODE) and buttery crumpets, simply because can you imagine a better morning pursuit, I found myself at midday with very little achieved. I however do have one small excuse for the lack of work, I have been extremely distracted, like really distracted, as tonight I shall be cooking, yes my dear readers I can cook (I hope) and plan to use my culinary skills preparing a Yorkshire classic for my friend's visit tonight. Wish me luck, for I see two possible outcomes, the first being my friends ultimate demise due to inedible food and the second being my ultimate demise due to stress and anticipation. The forecast is grim.

As today's post is essentially me making excuses for my lazy attitude to education (apologies), I'll be sharing some images from a photoshoot I recently shot with my friends for a magazine we were working on called FOUND. The Images formed part of the main-fashion content and were inspired by the Sofia Coppola film 'The Virgin Suicides'. Enjoy dearies.

Tasks for tomorrow: Allsaints-bound.

Image: dinewithpat

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