Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Jumper: Limited Edition Collection, Marks & Spencer (similar here) - Shirt: H&M Trend (similar here) - Jeans: Verne Ashby, Allsaints (here) - Boots: Hobo, Allsaints (similar here) - Bag: DKNY (similar here) - IPhone case: Marc Jacobs (similar here) 

This is Sunday's outfit, worn for shopping & gossiping in Manchester with my best pal, Miss Danielle Burkey. I took these pics while taking a break from sale browsing in Reiss, I think the mirrored room made for some pretty rad shots, uber fashion-cool. It was relatively mild and so I decided to wear my trusty Allsaints, Owain Leather Jacket with winter layers. My jumper is from the Limited Edition Collection at Marks & Spencer. I think I've mentioned it before to be honest, it was around £35 and is a gorgeous mix of soft wool yarns and weaves. I really like the dynamic of the over-size shirt underneath, it gives a cool preppy/androgynous vibe, which I am eternally seeking. Teamed with my Allsaints Verne Ashby's, which can be relied on to look adequately rock'n'roll when ever pulled from my wardrobe and my lace-up brogue boots, also Allsaints (of course). 

I love Manchester, it's such a cool, cosmopolitan city, brimming with culture and identity. Visiting Danielle is always a complete delight, since graduation and the departure from our university house, we try to talk at least every 2 weeks and meet-up whenever we can. Obviously as we're separated by the significant land mass that are the Pennines, hanging out isn't as easy as it once was. A 4 hour round-trip is significantly different from crossing the hallway and bursting into each-others rooms, but honestly it's a test of a great friendship. We treasure the time spent together and utter around 10 words per second. Speed talking is a talent developed over years of avoiding disapproving looks from Branding lecturers as they turned to the 100th slide in their presentation. I do not lie, branding is evidently a subject without exhaustible definition. We ate at The Alchemist, where the imagination quite literally runs wild, I mean my meal was delivered in a wire basket resembling a chicken, amazing. Definitely worth a visit for those of you in the vicinity.

Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Grey Marl Boy Tee: Topshop (here) - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (similar here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here) - Vintage Fur Collar - Vintage Wool Check Scarf (similar here) - Bag: Mitzy Tote, Mulberry (here)

This is today's selection for sale shopping with the Mother. Honestly I expected pandemonium when I stepped onto Briggate this morning, yet town (Leeds) seemed relatively quiet. With the exceptions of Topshop, which was brimming with kids in bottom-eating denim shorts, tights & Vans (seriously, this is NOT a winning look guys) and Office that resembled hell on earth, we had a pretty stress-free shopping experience. However I will admit, hot-spots such as Next and Zara were avoided like the plague, in the words of my fair Mother, "I would rather chew off my own arm than fight for a £10 saving on last seasons fashion". Today's task was to start assembling a work-wardrobe for my snazzy new job in Marketing... Yes, kids, I have a new job and I am in constant state of awe, wonder, shock and gratitude. On the 7th January 2012, I''ll be joining Savvy Marketing as an Account Executive and I am blooming ecstatic. Savvy is a truly amazing agency with some fantastic clients, so as you can imagine I'm eagerly awaiting my start, I will no doubt be mentioning my work in future posts, so watch out. On the apparel-front, I picked up a darling Topshop checked red kilt skirt, perfect with a Breton or Khaki shirt. The most amazing and bargainous Paul Smith Black Label tee from Harvey Nichols, a Boucle wool with Leather-trim dress from H&M and 2 pair of Marks & Spencer Autograph shoes, a pair of Blue Suede Chain-detail Courts and a pair of Blacked Fringed Leather Loafers. I also found a gorgeous Reiss Leather skirt on Ebay the other day which is winging it's way to me. I picture my work-wardrobe as a mix of slick tailoring, edgey designs and cool luxury basics, preferably paired with shoes I can walk in and dresses that don't starve my brain of oxygen and therefore promote free-thinking. That sounds about right, doesn't it?

Style wise, the only remarkable piece of today's look was my collar/scarf pairing. I recently saw a post where Lily of LLYMLRS layered a wool checked scarf underneath a coat for a different, yet toasty look and decided to give it ago. I also wore my brown Fur collar, which is a great shape and makes me free very Marianne Faithfull. I love the retro-hippy vibe Fur collars give and the fact you can style-up different pieces to create new looks without constantly having to reinvest in outerwear-real estate. Something so not my style.

Music today, comes from the idol that is Jarvis Cocker, a man who holds a special place in my heart. His ironic and endearing verses are terribly cynical and un-effectively cool and I'm a sucker for his monotone vocals. I Never Said I Was Deep, is taken from the 2009 album, Further Complications. Seriously buy it now clever people, it's cultural gold.

Jarvis Cocker - I Never Said I Was Deep, Further Complications (2009) 


Tuesday, 25 December 2012


 Coat: Alpha, Allsaints (similar here) - Bag: Mitzy Tote, Mulberry (here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here)

That's my sister

Merry Christmas you lovely people, may the season bring you lashings of festive cheer.

So currently stuffed like a Christmas bird, prone to nodding off and surveying my bounty of delights. Santa was good to me this year indeed. A shiny new Mulberry Mitzy tote, Harvey Nichols vouchers, fashion literature, a years supply of Sherbet Lemons and boat-loads of socks and knickers.

Today I was tasked with cooking the Christmas dinner, something you will not be surprised, that was met with much cynicism. The family doubted my abilities, well foolish people, now you sit contentedly full and beaming with admiration, yes my garlic and mustard roast potatoes were a revelation and yes, you may continue with your praise. Check out my efforts. The pudding was an indulgence from M&S, 14 fine pounds that beauty cost me and wasn't it pretty. Now I hate to confess, after the 4th mouthful I had to retire from the field and admit defeat, just too rich and alcohol-sodden. I know what you're thinking, amateur, and you're right. I am so ashamed.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening sampling the televisonal-delights pre-set in our Sky+ box. Doctor Who was outstanding, Matt Smith you are not my favourite Doctor, but you will do nonetheless. Now currently watching Call the Midwife, which will be followed by the Downton Christmas special, jolly good fun.

As you can see, I thought myself a modern-day Bailey today, with my hourly updates on Instagram, you can follow my thrilling antics @laurenlizziinnes

Today's musical offerings comes from Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Firstly I would like to state my appreciation of the original track. The new version is undoubtedly hauntingly-beautiful, but for me Frankie knows best.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power of Love (1984)


Friday, 14 December 2012


This evening I'm hitting the flicks with the papa, we are of course going to The Hobbit. A film I have eagerly anticipated since the final scenes of The Return of the King, when my papa cheerfully informed me, Peter Jackson (Director) planned to start work almost immediately on the prequel. That would of course turn out to be a slightly optimistic take on the situation, but here we are December 2012 and I am giddy like Gollum with the one true ring (not the first time I've uttered those words today)


And now, I realise this blog has been somewhat devoid of Christmas themed cheer, content and appropriate goodies, well let me apologise, but say, I do have a suitable plan in mind. As I'm close to 50 followers (how did this happen?) and haven't yet suitably rewarded my loyal readers, during January I'll be launching a rather cool giveaway. Now the semantics are still to be ironed out, but bear with me kids, because good things come to those who wait. 

In the meantime, check out the gorgeously animated Burberry digital Christmas card, titled A Festive Night at Burberry 121 Regent Street. Super magical, Bailey you prince.

While on the subjects of that fine British institution that is Burberry, I recently came across the Burberry Acoustic sessions (here) which showcase up-coming British musicians performing against the back-drops of their hometown country-scapes. Check out the likes of Jake Bugg, Josh Beech & The Johns and The Heartbreaks demonstrating just why we require a 'Great' before Britain. I've selected The Heartbreaks performing Delay Delay on the rather damp shores of Morecambe Beach, partly because I rather adore the track and partly because the leader singer has a pretty epic bowl-cut.

The Heartbreaks - Delay Delay (Burberry Acoustic) 2011


Sunday, 9 December 2012


Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Khaki Shirt: New Look (here) - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Boots: Bonny Cuban, Allsaints (here) - Bag: Bayswater, Mulberry (similar here) - Scarf: Primark

What a delightful day of shopping, label discovery & supremely enjoyable family time. Bright and early this morning I set off for Leeds with the mother and papa. Aims included indulging my papa in his favourite pastime of brogue & Belstaff acquisition, attempting to interpret the mothers mixed signals and therefore secure her a stella Christmas present from her beloved and generally enjoy each others company. We've been so busy of late it's rare to find a Sunday where we can be together and just hang. My parents are hilarious and so informed and intelligent, I treasure time spent together. Avoiding all Walton-esque cliches, my papa is nothing if not infectiously cynical, but today we seemed to whizz from shop to pub, to shop, laughing, admiring and generally having a jolly good time. 

Dear lord I sound very humanitarian in the above paragraph, slightly unsettling. Disregard it and hope never to encounter soft, humble Lauren again. If this were a video I would flash scenes of bitch fights, mean girls & shivering puppies before continuing with the post, subliminally restoring the balance.

Pretty Green, Leeds

As initially referenced my papa is somewhat of a connoisseur of premium brands. Unlike many Yorkshiremen his age, he's fully versed in the likes of Belstaff, Church's & Joseph Cheaney. I think I get my love of labels from him, his enjoyment and passion for apparel is adorable and something we've spent eons discussing, exploring and indulging. It is however something of a sticking point when he waltzers down to the local, kitted out in his new Alexander McQueen trainers and his pals fail to notice to pristine electric blue leather and shiny metal logo. I tell him not to be disheartened, the men of our village aren't known for their knowledge of luxury designer brands. 

I'm a huge fan of the Pretty Green label (founded by Manc front-man, Liam Gallagher), the Paul Weller collaboration of SS11 was genius and the brand continues to embody cool, retro modernity as it's finest. The Leeds store opened a few months ago and seems to be thriving, housed in the innately grand Victoria Quater, the store is decorated in a mix of heritage and theatrical magic. Leather lazyboys sit directly beneath glittering candelabras, while huge baroque mirrors and indulgent portraits of Gallagher himself grace the Paisley-printed walls. It's very cool and terribly rock'n'roll. I found myself inducting the papa into the world of Green today, ushering him through the door into a world of melodic, fine fashion. He instantly fell for the place, dashing around like a kid in a very large, very impressive sweet shop. The staff were amazing and added to the original vibe of the store, schooling us  on the inspiration behind the brand and what's set to come with the SS13 collection. Needless to say my papa invested and will no doubt be returning to establish his regular-shopper-status, he's a sucker for shops where the staff know his name and welcome him back with open arms. This may be the reason his wardrobe is bulging with Belstaff & Penguin buys from Accent, home to some of the most passionate sales guys in Leeds. 

We also took an indulgent turn round Church's, in my opinion the finest brogue-makers on this fair, green Earth. We've been searching for a pair of Goodyear Welted, Oxblood brogues for while and Church's seem to dominate the field. I found the most amazing burnt tan pair with an equally impressive price-tag of £1200, which I'm not sure I could allow my papa to leave the house in, let alone wear round the village pubs on a Friday night. So beautiful and so blooming expensive. I can dream. 

Today's ensemble was dominated by the lovely printed cotton scarf I scored from Primark for a ridiculously, bargainous price of £3 and while it's unlike it will win any prizes for warmth insulation or wind-withstand-ability, the striped, jungle-esque print is extremely pleasing and quite statement-capable. I wore my new Allsaints Bonny Cuban boots again because quite frankly they haven't left my feet since Wednesday and I love them lots. Other items you are no doubt already acquainted with, my vintage Allsaints Owain jacket & conker Bayswater, I promise to switch it up a bit in the coming posts, may even don a dress, wooahhh, calm down, shocking I know. Almost as shocking as the fact I am apparently now eligible to start re-paying my student loan, yes like I said, almost as shocking. 

Today's selection comes from Irish rocker, Van Morrison, a relic of my childhood. I've been listening to Morrison's gravelly tones since I was in the cradle and my papa was in severe need of escape from my apparent incessant crying, I'm told the minute 'Wild Night' hit my ears, calm and peace were restored. Enjoy.

Van Morrison - Wild Night (1971)


Thursday, 6 December 2012


 Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Camo Jacket: Primark - Breton: H&M (similar here) - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Boots: Bonny Cuban, Allsaints (here) - Bag: Bayswater, Mulberry (similar here)

I'll keep this brief, check the hell out of my new Allsaints AW12 Bonny Cuban Boots. A-MAZING. Having already scored the Hessian boots earlier in the season and ardently admired the Bonny, I finally relented on Wednesday and succumb to sweet purchasing-seduction. Best purchase I've made all year, I mean it... well maybe aside from the delightful Mulberry Mitzy tote of last week, just 19 days until I get my hands on that bad-boy!

Oh I do love Christmas, ho, ho, ho.

Music today courtesy of The Black Keys, a vintage selection from their 2002 album, The Big Come Up. Enjoy.

The Black Keys - I'll be your man (2002)


Saturday, 1 December 2012


 The bell-adorned bag all Mulberry purchases are presented in. SO CHRISTMASSY & SPECIAL
Mulberry Mitzy Tote, Black Pebble

At approximately 1.35pm this afternoon I entered a shop, grabbed myself an inanimate object, threw my debit card at a charming sales assistant, then continued to loudly exclaim my amaze, shock and awe at the transaction I had found myself completing. Shortly after 1.35pm this afternoon I looked at my receipt (presented in a sumptuous matt brown envelope) and congratulated myself on a job well done.

Today I purchased a Mulberry Mitzy Tote in Black Pebble for the fair price of £379. First seen in the A/W 10 collection and priced accordingly, I instantly fell for the sleek lines, delicious pebbled skin and rich golden fittings. My dear friend and university companion Miss Burkey, scored the tan version from her lovely parents while we were in our second year at uni and admittedly I admired. Now we have matching totes I fully expect an invitation for a day of fun, food and undoubtedly cheese-y staged photographs on the cool streets of Manchester. Ya' listening Burkey?

Now let's talk semantics. My bag is a past season style, therefore not available in Mulberry stores and concessions. However from time to time one hears of such places of wonder, magic and intrigue, I am of course speaking about designer Outlet stores. Once the home of seasonal rejects, dreadful safe-styles and items too crazy even GAGA aint' buying. Now places well worth the mission (I call it a mission, because braving York in manic Saturday human traffic is no mean feat), the Mulberry Outlet store situated on York's charming Swinegate is a bag-lovers must. I mean it's just AMAZING, ASTOUNDING and BLOOMING BRILLIANT. Where else could you expect to find Alexa's, Bayswater's, Hobo's & Tillie's for up to 50% off? Seriously guys, places like these are few and far between and should be worshiped as pillars of fashion religion and state. Now run, run fast, bargains are to be had.

You'll find yourself plotting and planning journeys to the holy relic that is the York Mulberry Outlet, because ultimately fashion people like bargains. This is mainly because we spend our lives living on super-noddles and salad, to compensate for the outrageous purchases we impulsively charged to our (we shouldn't have it, but we do) credit card. Mark my words, fashion people seek bargains like they seek rare copies of Russian Vogue, also similar to the way they seek 4 rolls of sub-standard toilet paper for 99p. Just saying.

I recently heard this band while watching "Young Adult" (2011), a pretty uneventful comedy starring Charlize Theron. Let's skip the film review, because quite frankly it was pretty dire (apologies Charlize). Anyway here's "Teenage Fanclub" (1991) by The Concept. I quite like it, very 90's teenage-kicks stylee, undoubtedly uber nostalgic.

The Concept - Teenage Fanclub (1991)


Thursday, 29 November 2012


Denim shirt: Allsaints (similar Levi one) - Jersey dress: COS (similar here) - Boots: River Island (similar here) - Hat: Primark - Scarf: Allsaints, Menswear (here) - Bag: DKNY (similar here) - Watch: Folli Follie (here)

Something is detrimentally wrong with this blog... the fact that it's mainly devoid of self-indulgent, face-centered imagery? Nope. A shockingly sarcastic tone of voice? Well yes, but keep going. Zero posts in the fine month of November? You've got it buster!

Right kids, this sh*t's just not gonna fly, hence today's information-rich, super-update, "HERE'S JOHNNY" style blog post.

It's shockingly cold outside, specifically blooming arctic, establishing the requirement for woolly bobble hats, extra-large knickers (because tiny pieces of lace do nothing for frost-bite), and acres of knitted scarf. Yorkshire, land of the free, blessed and particularly frozen. However, positives of winter weather, greasy, fly-away hair can be concealed by chunky, Noddy-style hats, ghostly pale legs are masked by tights and rather-large lunches are never a problem when the world's largest knitted scarf is at hand. Also my reasoning a positively harsh winter requires some sturdy new boots, is ever present and acquiring. Check out these bad boys. Similar and in my opinion prettier than the Topshop Alvin Boots, I really like the pointed Cowboy-style shape and chunky cuban heel, also scored in the sale for a bargainous £53.95 (including P&P), who couldn't adore these Chloe-copies.

In other news my move to the York concession within Fenwicks (I'm a Floor Manger at Allsaints), is going well. The traveling is long and sometimes very irritating, I have to rise before the sun and my Starbucks addiction is becoming seriously bank-balance damaging. On the other hand, York is actually an extremely pretty city, which holds a striking resemblance to Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley and so is quite magical. Also I'm starting to get rather attached to the lovely people of Fenwicks, especially the residents of the delivery dock and the eternally-young Wallis ladies.

Cultural developments include my near-completion of the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, a testament of modern literature at it's finest. I have around twenty pages remaining, which I plan to savor. I challenge anyone not to be entirely gripped by the adventures of mathematical genius/woman of steel, Lisbeth Salander and the eternally tenacious investigative journalist, Mikael Blomkvist. I also caught MTV World Stage: The Black Keys live from New York on MTV Rocks, which was amazing and prompted a week of continual BK listening. I find Brothers is an album best suited to treadmill pursuits while El Camino can be enjoyed to it's full on public transport. Aside from the Keys, I've been listening to a lot of vintage Kanye, Jesse Ware, Frank Ocean, Bob Dylan & Little Comets. My delightful companion, TMozza also introduced me to the wonderful world of Kindness, who are well worth a listen. House is a stella track, check them out. On a more culturally-commercial note, I am eagerly awaiting the moment when my sister finally relents and agrees to accompany me to see Breaking Dawn part 2. Yes I am a 22 year old educated woman, and yes I am dying to watch Robert Patterson in all his vampiric-finest and Kristen Stewart attempt to portray any other emotional than awkward distance. My initial efforts at bribery have failed to bear fruit, however it's payday tomorrow and so I plan to up the ante. My sister is nothing if not shockingly-savvy.

Today's musical offering comes from Bob Dylan. Undoubtedly a figure of eternal cool, talent and modernity. I love how rock'n'roll this track is, a ridiculously satisfying concoction of heavy guitar rifts, superior song-writing and Dylan's gravely tones.

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (1965)


Monday, 29 October 2012


Coat: Alpha, Allsaints(similar here) - Shirt: Topshop ((similar here) - Jeans: Verne Ashby, Allsaints (here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here) - Tote bag: Menswear, Allsaints (here)

While I would love to refer to the desolate, back-country setting of these shots, as a potent inspiration for this look, I cannot. Pure and simply it was baltic outside and the need for my trusty Allsaints wool coat was an absolute must. I must attribute this snaps to my lovely cousin, Em, who became the impromptu photographer while we walked over the fields to my Granny's house for afternoon tea. Jolly good show cuz.

As the clocks went back on Saturday evening to mark the dreary start of British wintertime, I feel a trip back in time in search of musical delight and enlightening is also apt. My retro selection, Fleetwood Mac, need I say more? Pure, unadulterated genius is a label I would attach, with words such as iconic, masterful and generational following swiftly in succession. 'Go Your Own Way', taken from the 1977 album, Rumours, is one of my all time favourite tracks, as relevant today as it was decades ago. Cheryl Cole, you ain't got sh*t on Mac.

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way, Rumours (1977)


Friday, 26 October 2012


Printed tee: Zara (similar here) - Denim Shirt: Ban shirt, Allsaints - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Boots: Hessian, Allsaints (here) - Scarf: Vintage (here) - Watch: Folli Follie (here) - Bag: Conker Bayswater, Mulberry (similar here)

Leather paneled knit: Zara (here)

As previously mentioned I had a goosey gander round the shops yesterday before I dragged myself to the gym for what can only be described as a torturous 6.30pm circuit class. Strictly speaking I had originally planned to simply nip to Marks & Sparkle to pick up all necessary cards & wrapping agents for the mothers up-coming age celebrations, but Zara called me and the rest they say in history. Honestly I think I was relatively restrained, check out the delightful printed tee I scored, now see the AMAZING leather paneled khaki knit I wanted to buy but didn't. Firstly they didn't have my size and secondly it's almost a week until payday and I'm attempting to stay monetary-sensible. I'm 22 now and financial competence is sorely required. In all reality I give it approx 48 hours until I succumb and purchase online. I also nipped to Primark in search of the heeled Chelsea boots the lovely Helen from the lovecats inc mentioned yesterday. I was unfortunately unsuccessful, size 7's were all that remained, cue sad face.

I didn't include a track in yesterdays post, not a cracking start to my new blogging style, so here's today's offering. Jake Bugg, ridiculously mod-cool, beyond talented and not too offensive on the eye, i.e. super cute, if a little young for my aging self. I'm planning to go see him in February with my friend, Jenna and couldn't be more excited, obviously in a very aptly understated way when considering the nature of subject.

Jake Bugg - Two Fingers (2012) 
More info here


Thursday, 25 October 2012


Scarf: Allsaints Menswear (similar here) - Leather Jacket: Owain, Allsaints (similar here) - Tee: Primark - Jeans: Jamie, Topshop (here) - Brogue boots: Hobo, Allsaints (similar here) - Black leather Tote: Allsaints Menswear (similar here)

Let me firstly begin by apologising for these self-indulgent, rather crap OOTD pics. My sister wasn't about to play photographer and inspiration struck me while trying on some rather grim-ly fitting H&M skinnies. The bargainous £5 price-tag was obviously justifiable, damn my inquisitive, cheap nature.

Style-deconstructed, I was in a serious craze to wear my new Allsaints Lander scarf from the AW11 Menswear collection. It is the most amazing, chunky, snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug creation to grace Gods green earth. Originally priced at £75, but discounted to £36 in my Archive stores final reductions, not purchasing was NOT an viable option. Teamed with other Saints essentials that you guys have seen a million times, leather jacket, brogue boots, bag etc. I wonder what my wardrobe would resemble minus Allsaints? Probably a bit naff and not nearly as cool. Clocked my latest designer score? Yes my Marc Jacobs phone-case finally arrived and I'm smitten-as-a-kitten. I feel 'SO FASHION' when pulling it out mid-strut down Briggate, Leeds. Oh yes ladies, I did say strut. It's pretty much required behaviour when pounding the streets of Leeds, apparel questing on the mind.

Now I want to talk about GIRLS, the new US 'it-show' everyone's raving/bitching about. Pitched as the new SATC, but with size 14 thighs, wobbly tums, awkward sex and very-real social commentary. So after missing the UK premier, work commitment an' all that, I stayed up extra late last night (11.30pm, I'm a granny, this was almost dawn in my estimations) to check out what all the fuss was about. And honestly I wasn't that enamored with Lena Dunham (writer & star's) offerings.

Yeah it was ridiculously accurate, the uncomfortable sex with a boy who doesn't love or maybe even like you, the inability to secure paid, post-grad employment and a whole host of other "oh my god, that happened to me" moments. But, and here's my but, it wasn't particularly funny or even inspiring. I didn't laugh at Hannah (played by up-coming possible generational icon, Dunham) being rather embarrassingly taken (I want to say sh*gged, but does that sound, well a bit brash?) on her on/mostly-off boyfriend's sofa, I felt uncomfortable. While watching Jemima (a rather cliched boho Brit), celebrate the need not to abort her unwanted child, as she miscarried in a bar toilet in the arms of a random male, felt slightly offensive to my gender. And generally, spent 30 minutes wondering what the devil I was missing.

Maybe it's a grower. Call me naive, but I adored the unrealistic, airbrushed perfect glamour of SATC. The wash-board abs and slinky pins were gorgeous, inspiring and other-wordly. Yes, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda had problems but they were also hilarious, decadent and boldly cool. They made it seem possible that intelligence, style and success were reachable. Yes, obstacles arose along the way but these four woman had gumption and self-belief which always prevailed. I think the point I'm trying to make is, from the age of 11 I wanted to be Carrie and sometimes Samantha, whereas I have zero desire to be like Hannah and her very ordinary friends. Some dramas are cuttingly realistic and some entirely escapist, both valid, but when it comes to what I require after a hectic day from hell in the office, GIRLS doesn't seem to have the ability to hit the spot. Opinions? Seriously what do you guys think? TELL ME!?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Michelle Dockery for Interview Magazine, shot by Boo George

God I just adore these shots of Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Crawley, aka actress Michelle Dockery for Interview Magazine. Terribly stylish and mod-chic, they are truly stunning, gorgeous images that conjure a sense of pulsing modernity, Liverpudlian heart and stark female beauty. I love the cool charcoal and blue tones against the fiery red brickwork and of course the drama and sheer retro-indulgence of the monochrome photography. Shot by Boo George, Dockery is the embodiment of pure British magnetism, cigarette in hand perching amongst terraced streets and industrial backgrounds, one does have to wonder does it get much better than this? I am quite in awe and consumed with fash-envy. How dare this woman rock a baker boy cap and not look like a complete tw*t. Also white button-down shirts, leather buckled kilts, beehives and lashings of eyeliner, GENIUS. Ladies and gentleman this is what is commonly referred to in the industry as 'comprehensively bewitching'. Congrats Dockery & Interview.


p.s. Check out the full interview here

Images: Boo George, Interview