Tuesday, 10 August 2010

new dress.

this is my latest purchase, isn't it just darrrlingg!
i found it at work (allsaints) in the sale and it was a complete bargin, it was supposed to be £140 and i got it for the brilliant price of £42!!!!!!! i am extremely pleased with my purchase, as i had been coveting it ever since it originally came into my store last season.
i just think it's so beautifully cut and the fabric is gorgeous, it feels really expensive and hopefully looks very over-priced and chic!

as of yet i don't quite fit in to it but i am more than determined to get the zipper up by september, as that's when im going to my mum's accountants ball with her. i think it's the inner boned corset that's my stubbling block at the moment. it's just soooooooooo tight, makes me feel slightly light headed and dizzy, but we all have to make sacrifices for our fashion, so its seems breathing is my main sacrifice in this dress.

here's the link:

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