Tuesday, 10 August 2010

my newest music lust.

hurts are my newest music lust, they are amazing.
they're sound has a very 80's feel to it, think pet shops boys and bowie. the music is really atmospheric and super retro, the slow vintage disco and modern electro beats feel new and original, i think they're going to be huge within the indie/dance community.
"wonderful life" is getting loads of airplay at the moment on radio 1 and their album happiness is due for release on 6th september 10, i will obviously be purchasing.

moving away from their music (which seems abit ridiculous as they are in fact a music band and therfore the purpose of this post was to rave about their new sound, but aniway...) and swiftly onto their look, because lets be honest they do look pretty darn cool, don't they?
it's all very retro and reminds me of ian curtis's (joy division) tragic look, very brooding and sharp, quite original and just abit different from the shaggy haired rockers that seem to be swapping the music scene at the moment.

check out this link to an interview with the band on the nme website:

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