Thursday, 12 August 2010

mossy for the cover.

miss moss takes the coveted british vogue cover spot for the september edition. the shoot which is named "the moss factor" and indentifies itself as "kate's spin on prada's fifties inspired collection, a fusion of rock'n'roll flair and classic elegance" was shot by patrick demarchelier under the fashion direction of kate phelan.

the cover looks amazing, moss is on top form, showcasing that impossible balance of tussled
coolness and english elegance, that very unattainable gift that made her the icon she is today.
i wonder though and just before i commit these words to paper (or online blog screen as it were) i will apologise to all the die hard moss fans (including my dear friend, jennifer) for what i am about to say, but is kate just a tad bit over the hill? did vogue's photo editor spend hours retouching moss, polishing out the marks left from a youth of hard-core rock and roll and all nights parties?

or maybe these are just things us mere mortals aren't ever supposed to know, questions like "what is joan collins's real actual age" and "will bruce forsyth ever retire" we may always be left to ponder...

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