Monday, 9 August 2010


having a slight obsession with audrey hepburn is very trendy nowadays, it's like the in thing to do, as well as dressing like alexa chung and pretending to have listened to the kings of leon from their early days when in fact you only first heard them when you heard sex on fire blaring out of your local tacky nightclub speakers.
so to be an original, im going to say now that im not obsessed with audrey hepburn, i just really, really like her films and her style. her look was impeccable, and lets be honest having hubert de givenchy as one of your best mates can't really hurt you style icon status can it?
i have these prints above my bed in my bedroom at home and they are my favourite part of my room, i just think they look so chic and cute, i hope you agree.

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