Monday, 9 August 2010


i love abit of diy jewellery action. i found these beauties at the flea market over the road from our flat in huddersfield, it generally sells loads of rubbish, brick-a-brack, second hand clothes and, antiques and stuff like that. but it is a complete gold mine for vintage jewellery, i've found so much stuff there over the last year.

i found all these pendents and also some chains at a little stall owned by this proper wheeler-deeler old lady, i get the feeling she dabbles with products that fall off of the back of vans, maybe she drives a morris miner?
i like how mis-matched they all look, truly vintage, i think it's dead cute and i cannot wait until someone enquires where they came from because i will loudly anounce "oh yeh i made them, all by myself!"

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