Monday, 9 August 2010

a bit of hard labour.

today i started the arduous task of cleaning out my room at the flat in huddersfield, ready to give my keys back to my lovely landlady, jeanne.

i hate cleaning, absolutely detest it, it's just so boring and time consuming and makes me feel severely sorry for the domestic cleaning industry.
aniway moving swiftly on, it didn't take that long and it became quite emotional when i had to hand my keys over, god dammit i loved that penthouse flat.
so this is what i decided to wear for the big domesticity event, some might say, its lacks practicality, i disagree, the man in the corner shop said i looked very smart, why thankyou very much mr scary squint eye and weird smile you made my day (god im sad).
i wore my vintage beyond retro blue and white polka dot tea dress with my mummy's 80's chain belt and my essential grey school socks (that aren't actually the same colour, but who's judging) with my really, really batterd black patent topshop brogues and my tan leather saddle bag that i take everywhere with me. also check out my new london haircut, it's tres exciting, very chic in my opinion, take me to the big smoke now!

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