Wednesday, 21 July 2010

stone for klein.

have you seen the lara stone shots for calvin klein jeans?
they are pretty god damn amazing.

when i first heard that "it girl" and wife of funny man david walliams, lara stone was to become the new face of calvin klein jeans and calvin klein collections, i did wonder. did she have it in her to produce photographs that would dismiss any kate moss comparisons? did she in fact even have the effortless cool that just seems to seep of out every pore of miss moss's entire body?
lets be honest the ck jeans campaign was the platform from which kate moss became the icon of 90's drug chic, it took her from virtually unknown cute croydon girl to international sex symbol and supermodel, so to say that kate owned the calvin klein jeans campaign is a slight understatement.
i feel like im moving away from the initial point of this post, i'll get back on track.
so lara stone, new face of calvin klein...

i think the images are stunning, they look edgey, dangerous and undeniably cool. the black and blood red look great together combined with the vintage photography style, it screams 1980's american rock-chic and i love it! well done lara, i'm impressed.

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