Monday, 19 July 2010

say you don't want this.

i have two massive crushes...
one. the devilously delicious, silver fox that is george lamb
two. rockstar/runway hottie, george craig

g.lamb is my adult, lady-like crush and g.craig is my rock chick, groupie crush, while i hope that g.lamb will rock my boat for many a year to come, g.craig is my 20 something girlie obsession of the moment. i am convinced that we would make a perfect couple, fact!

well aniway it seems that gorgeous georgie has found his british belle already and even i have to admit she's a keeper, the beautiful emma watson.
the burberry beauty features in one night only's new video for "say you don't want this", effortlessly looking shabby chic running about town the pair look adorable together, weep, weep...

i really like the song its very trendy and very typically british indie, not bad at all, here's the video, check it out while i weep my obsession away...

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