Wednesday, 21 July 2010

maggie rules, does she?

this months tatler magazine features an article by andrew roberts detailing the rise of the newest vintage tory trend, the iron lady is apparently well and truly back.
maggie thatcher, former british prime minister and out and out women of steel seems to be having a revivial, not only has maggie's (brainchild of bar owners charlie gilkes and duncan stiriling) just opened to rave review but with the newly elected (well half anyway) conservative government seems to be adopting certain thatcher traits and tactics, it seems never has there been a better time to celebrate (well thats debatable) the institution that was maggie thatcher.

the article talks about maggie's years in power, her triumphs and her downfalls and her most controversial policies as well are interviewing 4 thatcher children born during the years of her administration.

i think this particular topic is really interesting, where i'm from maggie thatcher is a name that you say in hushed tones or don't say at all unless you want an ear bashing, detailing all the reasons why thatcher runined this country.
personally living in yorkshire its hard not to have at least a basic knowledge of the miners strikes and general strikes of the 1980's, round here opinion is pretty bias, and for good reason i will add but i can't help but admire the determination and shear grit of this monumental women (and her rather bowl like head of hair).

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