Monday, 19 July 2010

house hunting.

owhhhhh thats where i live, i wish...
hello my dear's, apologies for my prelonged vacation.

its been extremely hectic lately, i've finally handed my notice in at allsaints, (it was rather tear stained and crumpled) so just a month to go. weep, weep... and the big smoke house hunt has well and truly kicked off (something tells me its going to be a marathon of a trek, so wish me luck!).

i'm getting up bright and ridiculously early in the morning (well before 8am, shocking i know!) to board the leeds - london kings cross express, to view a jumble of over-priced squats, while the estate agent reminds me of its stunning panoramic views (of blocks of flats), easy assesability and rustic architectural features.

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