Monday, 26 July 2010

gossip girl.

i have been officially obsessed with gossip girl since series two, it was in the first year of uni, while living in halls (hating every minute of the pokey, funny smelling flats and prolonged nights in with the dickhead next door play their violin, yes you know who you are...) flicking through freeview channels that the ad for a new american teen drama, set in the affluent, upper east side of manhattan, flashed onto the newly purchased (thankyou daddy) television screen.
since the gradual decline of the o.c. i was in serious need of a glossy american show to fill the void. even just from the one minute ad i was impressed and looking forward tuesday night at 9pm and my escape into the world of the filthy rich and impeccably dressed.
it's fair so say it was love at first sight, combine my 3 favourite things (chuck bass, high-end designer clobber and the lifestyles of the rich and famous) in a television show and it's obviously going to lead to an obsessed. let me explain.
1. chuck bass, otherwise known as brit actor ed westwick, billionaire playboy and favourite of savile row tailors, is actually the yummiest bachelor known to all humanity. ok so he's slightly rude and possibly emotionally scarred but he's also a billionaire and dresses like an incredibly stylish duke from the 1940's.
2. it doesn't get much more designer that the labels that adorn the back of serena va der woodsen and blair waldorf, i hate to name check but versace, dior, chanel and valentino, you get the idea?
3. yes it's rather sad but why not take a healthy interest into the lives of people that are so amazing so fairytale-esque, it seems like another world. a world of private jets, vip catwalk previews and extended holidays in st. barts.

so four series in and i'm still hooked! i cannot wait for the new series, to be honest my life has felt pretty empty without it, i need a fix and i need it soon, so pretty please mr itv2 can we have the new series a tad bit early?
here's the latest shots from filming and don't they look delicious? i am so, so, so excited!!!!!!!!! (a page of exclamation marks are actually required to express my emotions on the subject).

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