Friday, 11 June 2010

new cinematic video, im seriously not impressed.

so lady gaga's this global superstar/fashion icon/general weird person and everyone seems to love her at the moment but can i just take a minute and remember what the world was like pre-gaga ... we could watch mtv without the fear of seeing almost naked body parts decorated with crime scene masking tape paraded before our eyes (telephone), we could tuck into the baked delights that are blueberry muffins without having mind-flashes of a certain women "bluffing" with her's (poker face) and we could of course tune into jonathan ross on a friday night without fear of having to watch a pretentious, too-cool-for-school american laugh uncomfortably at the hosts jokes while sipping colourless tea out of a floral teacup and saucer. good times.

im not going to deny that lady gaga's songs aren't amazingly catchy and instant nightclub fav's, yes ive done my favourite gangster girl strut to lovegame, but the matter of the fact is she's just far too controversial and fame hungry for my liking. have you ever heard her speak? sorry let me clarify that one, have you ever heard her speak of anything with any relevence to anything else?
no me neither.

it just all seems abit manufactured and slightly fake, like a record company has combinded everything that is likely to cause a media frenzy and shock the general public and programmed it into one artist. have you seen pictures of gaga before she was famous, when she was just a sucessful song writer? notice how underwhelmingly normal she looks, not sporting the hermit the frog dress there is she?
ill get to my point, in my view her whole fashion icon status is just another thing her record company encouraged to make her newsworthy, because essentially an artist that is constantly in the press sells more records than the one who sits in the corner being quietly brilliant.

the video for gaga's newest single, alejandro seems, well a little bit of style over substance. the song is pretty average really, if any other artist released it would you give it a second glance? because i really wouldn't. obviously the video is as shocking as you would expect from gaga, shamelessly piggy-backing on certain religious themes, that are no doubt going to cause quite a social out-cry, but sorry im not impressed. pvc clad nazi's, really is there any need?

it feels like the epic 8 minute video is trying paint over the fact the song is rather lack-luster and un-imaginative. if gaga's such a visionary, where's the ground breaking musical content?
finally, (because im aware i've been ranting on about this for 4 whole paragraphs) i'm not disputing the fact that gaga's a global superstar and worshipped by millions, and that her songs bar one or two are pretty amazing and yes she is great example of a powerful independent, women but the whole point of this post was to just say how disapponted i was with her latest offering. my advice would be to live up to the media hype she's created for herself with her un-deniable musical talent rather than creating video's that are going to insult half of the inhabitants of planet earth. simple really.

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