Monday, 7 June 2010

make me a super.

who hasn't at one point wanted to join the elite and immortal ranks of the supers, those perfect set of girls who effortlessly strut down the catwalks of the world twice a year being the ultimate clothes horses of high fashion. i for one devoted hours of my teenage years, praying for that extra 2 inch of height growth, many a pray started with "please god make me 5ft 7...".

vogue's july edition features an article spanning the history of the supermodel, taking us from those tentative first steps of naomi and her gang to the 90's drug addled chic of miss moss and onto the celebrity supers of the noughties.

my best friend has a slight obsession with the afore mentioned miss moss, to her kate is everything that defines british fashion, she's original and ridiculously cool and essentially an icon. i dnt have that kind of relationship with a super, although i do love karen elson, mainly because she waves the flag for pale skin (oh i've talked about that already today haven't i!) and is married to one of the coolest men in the world, jack white.

the vogue article is a must, so get reading, now enough said about the supers its making me feel particulary average.

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