Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i've been lassoed by my boots.

i love abit of the cowboy boot action. they're my guilty pleasure. i adore them.
and since its finally summer i'm definitely feeling the need to pull on my boots and start walking, around in floral tea dresses and cut off denim shorts.
i found these boots in the vintage store, blue rinse in leeds and have had them for like 3 years now, they kinder still smell abit vintagey, abit like old men really, nice. has anyone else noticed how slim the ankle's are on vintage cowboy boots? did our forefathers have ridiculously skinny ankles opposed to our modern cankles? whatever the reason, i ended up buying some mens boots much to the amusement of the rather hot guy who worked in the shop.
im going to manchester to celebrate my 20th birthday on thursday with my uni girlies to spend copious amounts of money and devote the day to pampering, i'm so excited!
i will of course be donning my boots and channeling my inner hannah montanna/alexa chung.
i'm also guna try and do abit of style spotting on thursday so ill keep you posted on my findings.
(one last cliche) yeeehawwww!

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